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Caerphilly Junior Forum works with children aged 7-11 years old in Caerphilly borough to give children a voice on issues which are important to children.

Each year the Junior Forum identifies a priority issue to address. The priority for 2015-2016 is to protect the natural habitat of wildlife.

Junior Forum members believe that every primary school in Wales should have an environment club called the "Wildlife Warriors" to help to protect the natural environment of local wildlife.

This club would:

- be different from schools eco committees as it would allow anyone to join at any age. Children would not need to be elected to the club.

- be active all year to help protect wildlife.

- be hands on in their community and do practical activities to help protect wildlife. These activities could include, cleaning rivers, building wildlife homes, planting flowers and trees.

- be flexible so different people can join at different times.

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