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​We call upon the National Assembly to urge the Welsh Government to cease the use of National Health Service budget for religious care and to work with the leaders of organised religion to establish a charitable trust to fund religious care in the hospitals of Wales.


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The charitable chaplaincy campaign comprises an informal network of citizen who are concerned that every million pounds of public money allocated to the NHS in Wales should be used to promote public health and to treat those who need medical attention.


Our campaign has no funds and needs none. It is sponsored by no other organisation within or without Wales. Modern internet based services allow us to communicate with each other and with our democratically elected representatives.


All our supporters have seen and concur with two documents which are provided in support of this petition, Principles which sets out our motivation and Proposal which states our case with supporting evidence and rational argument.


We provide a third document Employment which provides evidence of how the monies drawn from the NHS Budget for hospital chaplaincy services are currently spent.


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