Rejected petition Hold a Motion of No Confidence in Kirsty Williams AS

Following the publication of AS and A Level Results today, students have felt let down, as their grades have been lower than expected. Ms Williams made a promise that our grades wouldn’t be downgraded, which they have been. Many students have had their lives ruined and have lost out on university places as they had received lower results than they were due to get.

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We are calling for a public motion of no confidence in Kirsty Williams AS, and for reform in the Education Sector, especially on grading students. Students were unfairly treated during the pandemic, and have now been let down even after the education minister promised we wouldn’t receive lower grades than expected. It’s been proven time and time again that Year 12 students are often let down, and have been forgotten about by WJEC. It’s obvious that results were based on a Postcode Lottery, as students in higher academically achieving areas received higher grades than students living in deprived areas.

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about appointments or resignations.

We can't accept petitions about appointments or resignations through the Senedd’s petitions process. This includes calling for Ministers to be sacked, resign or for a vote of no confidence.

Another petition calling for the award of predicted grades for students due to receive examination results in 2020, which you may be interested in signing, is already collecting signatures:

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