Rejected petition To vaccinate all Teachers, support workers, school transport staff prior to Welsh schools reopening.

Through early vaccination, to safeguard and protect all involved in the vital role of educating the next generation (both primary and secondary) from new-variant Covid, thereby ensuring that Welsh schools can reopen safely for children, protecting all teachers and families.

Teachers, teaching assistants, support and transport staff deal with thirty pupils every hour as well as parents milling at the school gate. Therefore vaccination is paramount in protecting all our teachers and educators.

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ONS figures have revealed 65 Covid deaths in the education workforce in spite of the fact that schools were closed for much of 2020. In particular, Primary and Nursery teachers and their support staff work in close proximity with their pupils and are more likely to be exposed to Covid than Secondary or higher education teachers.

Therefore, early vaccination for all Primary and Nursery educational personnel in Wales is vital to protect teaching staff (and their extended families) and to achieve the Senedd's stated aim of safely reopening schools as a matter of absolute priority.

As the Government acknowledges, "Primary pupils will be unable to observe social distancing measures" and it is therefore essential to value, safeguard and protect all involved in teaching in Wales through vaccination . Additionally, children are "super-spreaders" with new Covid variant attacking older children, so all involved in Secondary teaching, should also be prioritised for early Covid vaccinations.

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