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Rejected petition Open the Gyms and Leisure Centres before the delayed date 10th May.

Drakeford announced that gyms would open on the 22nd April. However, he has recently said that they will open on the 10th May.

This is a disgrace as it will further effect peoples health and fitness as many people are eager to start fitness businesses and opening the gyms and getting fit again.

This clearly shows that the plans that Drakeford decides on easing restrictions is very un-reliable for the public to trust. Majority of the people are losing trust for him in the health sector.

More details

The UK Government’s Roadmap says that gyms in England will open on the 12th April.
In Wales with a lower case and deaths rates, it is 1 month later than the UK Governments strong roadmap out of lockdown.

Weddings and funerals with larger gatherings, pubs, non-essential retail are being put first before the health and fitness, it is important to the people in Wales that they need the Lesuire centres to be a priority.

Gyms are safe! I’ve been to the gyms before the new year lockdown and i felt safe the whole time. Staff were keeping distances and the equipment was very hygienic. There is no reason that gyms are not safe and how they are being put last on this weak, un-trustworthy Drakeford roadmap.

Overall, this clearly shows the gross incompetence that Drakeford is doing to the people and businesses, many are on their knees and the main priorities come last.

This clearly shows the Drakeford roadmap is weak

The health and fitness sector deserves much more.
Open our Gyms!

Why was this petition rejected?

There’s already a petition about this issue. We cannot accept a new petition when we already have one about a very similar issue, or if the Petitions Committee has considered one in the last year.

Another petition calling for this is already collecting signatures:
Re-open gyms in Wales to allow people to work on their physical and mental health

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