Closed petition Insulate all Welsh homes against both the heat and the cold...introduce grants that are open to all!

With energy prices sky rocketing and millions of Welsh families facing extreme fuel poverty, its time to introduce grants, open to all, which would allow all the people of Wales to properly insulate their homes against both the heat and the cold.
It is shocking that Wales has some of the worst insulated homes in the whole of Europe. A grant of 25to50% towards the cost of insulating properties would encourage people to invest in making their homes more energy efficient and reduce their emissions

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Years of underinvestment in properly insulating Welsh homes has led to the situation where people are vulnerable to energy price rises.
That's why we are calling for emergency grants that are available to all so households facing the prospect of cold and damp homes this winter can pay for simple insulation measures. We need a Green New Deal open to homeowners, landlords and councils which will ensure homes are warm and comfortable, reduce carbon emissions and create thousands of green jobs.
Everybody has the right to a warm home, yet this year could see millions of Welsh people having to choose between heating their homes or eating...this simply cannot be allowed to happen!
Insulation is one of the most efficient ways to save energy since it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
The energy companies, who are making billions of profit when so many are fearful about keeping warm this winter, should use their profits to pay for an emergency national insulation programme.

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