Rejected petition Bring back the right to buy council / housing association houses.

Allow people the right to buy their council / housing association houses.
The right to buy was abolished in wales and the only help now is the home ownership scheme assisting you to buy a new build only. This discriminates people who want to remain in the home they love and want to continue to live in.
Bring back the right to buy to give people the opportunity to buy.

It will give people less fortunate and not able to afford a high deposit a chance to buy their homes.

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It will give people less fortunate and not able to afford a high deposit a chance to buy their homes.
It makes more sense to sell off old housing stock that costs a lot to maintain than a new build that won’t have a lot of repairs for years to come.
People who want to remain in their homes should be given the opportunity to purchase them especially after paying rent for years on the property.
Many people who live in social housing hasn’t had the opportunity to buy their homes for one reason or another and now would never be able to afford their own property with the cost of properties and high deposits needed. Years ago you could get 100% mortgages. Those days are gone unfortunately. Their social housing accommodation is probably where memories have been made and brought up families. Why should they move to a new build just to get on the assisted homeowner scheme. Allow us to buy the homes we currently live in.

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