Rejected petition Review again the system of assessing and awarding this year's academic qualifications in Wales.

In response to the level 4 restrictions announced by the First Minister, and the likelihood that these restrictions will still be in place well into the beginning of the next academic term, we believe that the strategy to assessing and awarding qualifications to students this year should be appropriately altered.

We welcomed the Welsh Government review and strategy to alter assesments this year, however the circumstances for education have changed drastically since this strategy was announced

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We agree with Welsh Government that it is crucial that educational centres remain open in some capacity throughout this pandemic, however the degree of online learning will differ as each centre balances quality of education with safety.

Learning time with the new restrictions will be further reduced. In order for students to get the best chance at succeeding in their next steps, teaching time should be maximised instead of requiring time to prepare for several methods of assessment.

Mental health in students has taken a decline in response to the upset to life caused by COVID. We understand lockdowns are necessary to save lives, but we needn't risk further lives to mental health by enforcing assesments on students that have little permanence given the volatile circumstances, and would be unfair with all students receiving differing learning experiences.

We hope the Education Minister would continue to be happy to meet stakeholders and consider this petition as a matter of urgency

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