The Senedd Election will be held on 6 May 2021.

The petitions process is currently suspended during the election campaign. Petitions will reopen following the election.

The Petitions Committee has met for the final time and petitions will be considered by a new committee once it has been established.

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Petitions not debated by the Senedd

The Petitions Committee decided not to request a Plenary debate on these petitions

28 petitions

  1. Re-open garden centres in Wales as soon as it is possible

    11,217 signatures

  2. Call for fair funding for the National Library of Wales by the Welsh Government

    14,338 signatures

  3. Implement a 2 week holiday-lockdown for schools before 24th December & enable family time for all.

    10,836 signatures

  4. Don't shut the Hospitality Sector (Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes) without providing scientific evidence.

    25,301 signatures

  5. Remove RSE from the mandatory element of the Curriculum Bill 2020.

    5,307 signatures

  6. The Hair & Beauty sector has proved itself COVID secure. Do not close us and risk Welsh jobs again.

    6,074 signatures

  7. Safeguard Kenfig Nature Reserve using compulsory purchase powers

    8,435 signatures

  8. Allow children to enter lockdown areas to continue to train with their existing sports clubs.

    9,867 signatures

  9. Allow birthing partners to be present at scans, the start of labour, birth and after the birth.

    7,326 signatures

  10. Re-open full general dental services in Wales as has happened in England.

    7,583 signatures

  11. Save our Hospital at Prince Philip Llanelli

    12,745 signatures

  12. Award teacher predicted grades to all Welsh students for examination 2020

    28,505 signatures

  13. Save Sam Davies Ward at Barry Hospital

    13,265 signatures

  14. Wearing of face masks/coverings to be mandatory in shops.

    5,516 signatures

  15. Ask the Senedd to reconsider their decision not to support Zoos & Aquariums with emergency funding.

    6,299 signatures

  16. Open schools in September. Scrap blended learning.

    9,266 signatures

  17. Relax travel restrictions imposed by Covid 19 legislation to allow travel within Wales

    15,193 signatures

  18. Save Royal Glamorgan A&E

    14,564 signatures

  19. Withdraw the proposed home education guidance

    5,447 signatures

  20. Save the trees and ground in Roath Mill and Roath Brook Gardens before it's too late

    8,700 signatures

  21. Promoting the use of Makaton sign language in all Welsh schools

    5,024 signatures

  22. Ensure access to the cystic fibrosis medicine, Orkambi, as a matter of urgency

    5,717 signatures

  23. Protect school funding or admit to the weakening of service provision

    5,784 signatures

  24. Protect the Gwent Levels and stop the proposed M4 motorway

    12,270 signatures

  25. Say ‘NO’ to pheasant shooting on Welsh public land

    12,706 signatures

  26. Change the National Curriculum and teach Welsh history, from a Welsh perspective, in our Primary, Secondary and Sixth form Schools.

    5,133 signatures

  27. Don't take Neath off the main railway-line.

    10,472 signatures

  28. No to the proposed Iron Ring at Flint Castle

    11,091 signatures

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