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  1. New laws to protect rare red squirrels from habitat loss which causes population decline

    10,427 signatures

  2. Mark Allen's Law - we want throwline stations around all open water sites in Wales

    6,621 signatures

  3. Make horse tethering, with or without shelter, illegal and an act of cruelty in Wales

    4,516 signatures

  4. Immediately ban the use of toxic lead in all ammunition in Wales... lead is killing our wildlife!

    3,507 signatures

  5. Introduce a minimum 3 year residency requirement for all Senedd Election candidates

    2,628 signatures

  6. Protect the people of Wales - Take urgent action on the housing crisis now

    2,570 signatures

  7. Heart screenings free for all 11-35 year olds who represent their school or county in sport

    2,406 signatures

  8. To get a specialist mental health mother and baby unit in North Wales.

    2,326 signatures

  9. Start a Welsh student Erasmus Scheme for students who study in Wales with European Union countries

    1,485 signatures

  10. Give secondary teachers a bonus for marking and standardizing summer 2021 official assessments.

    1,236 signatures

  11. Prepare a bid for Wales to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest

    1,225 signatures

  12. Open Long Covid one stop medical hubs / clinics

    1,135 signatures

  13. Ban leisure use of Seadoo/jet ski in Cymru. Except in strictly controlled designated areas.

    925 signatures

  14. Ban the use of peat in horticulture and all growing media by 2023

    777 signatures

  15. Invest in flood defences on the Towy in Carmarthen including the Quayside area

    738 signatures

  16. Improve health services for people with epilepsy living in Wales

    667 signatures

  17. Conduct an independent inquiry into the death of Glyn Summers and the actions of Coleg y Cymoedd

    590 signatures

  18. Review Welsh General Practice Access standards in light of pandemic

    514 signatures

  19. Ensure appropriate provision of services and support for people with Acquired Brain Injury in Wales

    429 signatures

  20. Ask the UK Government for permission to hold a referendum on returning devolved powers

    387 signatures

  21. Ban the killing of day old chicks in Wales

    349 signatures

  22. Offer a Covid-19 vaccination to clinically vulnerable children.

    347 signatures

  23. Women should be regularly screened with a blood test called CA125 to detect for ovarian cancer

    342 signatures

  24. Install a commemorative statue of African-American singer Paul Robeson in the Valleys

    326 signatures

  25. Place Cardiff Children's Services into special measures and conduct an urgent independent review

    321 signatures

  26. Demand that all depictions of our dragon have a penis

    258 signatures

  27. Notify all 18 year olds who have been under social care the right to request their personal information

    257 signatures

  28. To legislate to give freeholders in new build properties the right to manage their own estates

    239 signatures

  29. Remove barriers to entry to Social Work and encourage parity of esteem between Social Care and Health

    238 signatures

  30. Increase funding available for Women’s Health Services, Education and Awareness

    235 signatures

  31. Ban the use of face masks in the classroom

    200 signatures

  32. Introduce greener ‘bee-friendly' bus stops across Wales

    169 signatures

  33. Restart Welsh parkruns at the same time as english ones

    155 signatures

  34. Reduce costs for PCR test in Wales when returning from abroad and end isolation for vaccinated

    145 signatures

  35. Ban disposable barbecues from our National Parks, National Nature Reserves and Welsh beaches!

    145 signatures

  36. Prevent anyone who hasn't lived in Wales for at least 6 months from standing in Senedd elections

    142 signatures

  37. Improve Endometriosis Healthcare in Wales

    136 signatures

  38. Remove the average speed cameras and 50mph speed limit on the M4 between Newport and Cardiff

    125 signatures

  39. Reject plans for the Wentlooge Farmers’ Solar Scheme, a solar farm on the outskirts of Marshfield.

    119 signatures

  40. Ban the shooting of critically endangered birds...give them the protection they so desperately need!

    115 signatures

  41. Ensure that centre assessment grades contribute towards final GCSE and A Level grades

    112 signatures

  42. The new Heads of the Valley road should not be restricted to 50 mph.

    111 signatures

  43. Start referring to Welsh cities and towns by their Welsh names

    100 signatures

  44. Stop the Welsh Government introducing a blanket 20mph speed limit

    95 signatures

  45. Implement a 20MPH speed limit 100 metres either side of the new pedestrian crossing in Glan Conwy

    85 signatures

  46. Ban Polystyrene and other single use plastics!

    84 signatures

  47. The inauguration of an Honorary National System of Awards; The Cymru Knighthood Award

    83 signatures

  48. Create a national list of all unpaid carers in Wales

    76 signatures

  49. Do not roll out Covid 19 vaccine passports for retail, hospitality or other premises

    54 signatures

  50. Provide tuition grants to support medical students studying medicine as a second degree

    54 signatures

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