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  1. Make it compulsory for Black and POC UK histories to be taught in the Welsh education curriculum.

    34,675 signatures

  2. Legislate to prevent people from changing Welsh house names

    17,708 signatures

  3. Print the vehicle registration on all drive through fast food packaging.

    8,016 signatures

  4. Hold an independent inquiry into the choice of site for the proposed new Velindre Cancer Centre.

    5,026 signatures

  5. Introduce anti-racist teaching materials to children in schools in Wales to reduce hate crimes.

    3,895 signatures

  6. Virtual On-line teacher-led lessons to be provided for all school children

    2,733 signatures

  7. Freedom to Donate Blood

    2,676 signatures

  8. Wearing of face masks/coverings to be mandatory in shops.

    2,636 signatures

  9. An independent inquiry into the 2020 flooding in Rhondda Cynon Taf so that lessons are learned.

    2,451 signatures

  10. Petition to ban the snaring of wildlife for use in the fur trade

    2,320 signatures

  11. Give Nurses a pay rise in line with other frontline staff during COVID-19 pandemic

    1,980 signatures

  12. Demand an EIA now on the dumping of radioactively contaminated mud in Welsh waters.

    1,507 signatures

  13. Allow Dance Schools in Wales to re-open their indoor classes with immediate effect.

    1,295 signatures

  14. Make Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Compulsory in Schools

    782 signatures

  15. Introduce Personal Health Budgets and Personalised Care in Wales

    616 signatures

  16. Ensure the technology of prosthetic limbs provided within the Welsh NHS is equal to the rest of the UK.

    557 signatures

  17. Allow outside live singers / entertainment to start again

    522 signatures

  18. Create a National Museum for Welsh Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic History and Heritage

    467 signatures

  19. Mandate Welsh Councils to apply a minimum 100% Council Tax surcharge on second homes.

    464 signatures

  20. Help Welsh Communities Buy Community Assets: Implement Part 5 Chapter 3 of the Localism Act 2011

    335 signatures

  21. Road Safety: Reduce the speed on the A487 trunk road to 20mph through Penparcau, Aberystwyth.

    307 signatures

  22. Allow Tattoo, Beauty parlours, Gyms & Swimming pools, to reopen.

    305 signatures

  23. Allow birthing partners to be present at scans, the start of labour, birth and after the birth.

    280 signatures

  24. Trigger by-election for members wishing to change party affiliation

    240 signatures

  25. Put the £7 million back into the Mental Health Transformation fund.

    227 signatures

  26. Teach mental health first aid in schools in Wales.

    216 signatures

  27. Wales should lead on bringing NHS pay back in line with inflation costs over the last 10 years.

    176 signatures

  28. Categorise schools as critical infrastructure

    171 signatures

  29. Establish a Wales wide Environmental and Wildlife Enforcement Service to tackle environmental crime.

    165 signatures

  30. Merge Hope and Caergwrle into a two-member ward in the County of Flintshire.

    162 signatures

  31. Extend the new Green Homes Grant to Wales.

    139 signatures

  32. Make anti racism training compulsory for all elected Councillors and Members of the Senedd in Wales.

    129 signatures

  33. Investigate what powers the Welsh Parliament has in relation to banning conversion therapy

    124 signatures

  34. Implement a minimum of 1 metre social distancing in all Primary Schools in September 2020.

    123 signatures

  35. To have the manufacture and production of sufficient PPE for Wales located in Wales Post Covid-19.

    116 signatures

  36. For Environmental awareness to be made compulsory and a key module within Schools in Wales for all years (Primary and Secondary Education)

    112 signatures

  37. To follow the Scottish Parliament and have LGBTQ Welsh history taught in all Welsh schools.

    108 signatures

  38. Release the £59 million to the arts to prevent local grassroots music venues from closure.

    99 signatures

  39. Create and build a new branch of National Museum Wales dedicated to Welsh involvement in colonialism

    96 signatures

  40. Teach Welsh children about Wales’ colonisation of Patagonia

    95 signatures

  41. Introduce road safety measures on the A44 in Llanbadarn Fawr, Ceredigion

    92 signatures

  42. Change the school summer holiday break!

    79 signatures

  43. Welsh Government funding for recycling bins and collections in all education settings in Wales

    78 signatures

  44. Oxygen chamber therapy for fibromyalgia patients on the NHS

    62 signatures

  45. Give Citizens of Wales use and access to the German Track and Trace APP! We can't wait for England!

    60 signatures

  46. Reinstate free swimming for pensioners

    52 signatures

  47. Apply stamp duty holiday to all house purchases in Wales.

    52 signatures

  48. Allow pupils to wear masks in all areas of the school premises

    47 signatures

  49. Make Wales' role in British colonial history a compulsory school subject.

    43 signatures

  50. Make sure face masks in shops do not become compulsory

    36 signatures

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