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  1. Welsh Government to amend its NDR relief policy to help keep Debenhams stores open in Wales

    5,782 signatures

  2. We call on the Welsh Government to create a common body of knowledge about Welsh history that all pupils will learn

    5,676 signatures

  3. Ask the Senedd to reconsider their decision not to support Zoos & Aquariums with emergency funding.

    5,367 signatures

  4. Petition to ban the snaring of wildlife for use in the fur trade

    2,126 signatures

  5. Freedom to Donate Blood

    694 signatures

  6. Ensure the technology of prosthetic limbs provided within the Welsh NHS is equal to the rest of the UK.

    443 signatures

  7. Pay Coronavirus grants to all businesses eligible for Small Business Rate Relief same as rest of UK

    339 signatures

  8. Investigate the Draft Education Database Regulations 2020 - unnecessary and a breach of human rights

    213 signatures

  9. Extend covid-19 financial support and paid leave to vulnerable and pregnant NHS wales bank workers

    174 signatures

  10. To have the manufacture and production of sufficient PPE for Wales located in Wales Post Covid-19.

    75 signatures

  11. To provide a minimum of 4 hours a day of live teaching during COVID closures for all school children

    57 signatures

  12. Oxygen chamber therapy for fibromyalgia patients on the NHS

    56 signatures

  13. Relax travel restrictions imposed by Covid 19 legislation to allow travel within Wales

    43 signatures

  14. Reconsider second home council tax uplift while illegal to travel to second homes.

    43 signatures

  15. Reopen barbers and hairdressers as long as they have strict social distancing measures in place.

    39 signatures

  16. For Environmental awareness to be made compulsory and a key module within Schools in Wales for all years (Primary and Secondary Education)

    34 signatures

  17. Make Welsh GCSE non-compulsory in English-speaking schools in Wales

    25 signatures

  18. To teach how the body reacts to fight/flight/freeze in schools.

    24 signatures

  19. Welsh Government funding for recycling bins and collections in all education settings in Wales

    17 signatures

  20. Face masks in public – protect the NHS

    15 signatures

  21. Flood plains

    14 signatures

  22. All Food Establishments by Law should have a Variety of Gluten Free Products

    13 signatures

  23. Change the school summer holiday break!

    11 signatures

  24. Adopt the policies of UK government with regard to easing of lockdown rules

    9 signatures

  25. Create a recall mechanism for AMs

    8 signatures

  26. Freeze Council Tax: COVID - 19

    6 signatures

  27. Inhibit the diversion of Heavy Goods Vehicles through residential areas

    6 signatures

  28. Inquiry into the play policy that allows potentially life threatening play to children

    6 signatures

  29. Preventive measures on wireless devices in nurseries and primary schools

    5 signatures

  30. Start the 2019 school year again. School attendance policy suggests there is no other option

    4 signatures

  31. Cancel the 2020 As levels

    2 signatures

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