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  1. We want the Welsh Government to rescind and remove the disastrous 20mph law

    469,208 signatures

  2. I oppose the Welsh Government "Senedd Reform Bill", published 18 September 2023, becoming law.

    20,242 signatures

  3. Scrap the ‘Universal Actions’ and payment reductions in the proposed Sustainable Farming Scheme.

    15,104 signatures

  4. Abolish the name 'Wales' and make 'CYMRU' the only name for our country.

    11,579 signatures

  5. Cease all further planning for road charging in Wales.

    10,169 signatures

  6. Welsh Government to protect funding in education from WG and Local Authority cuts.

    7,284 signatures

  7. We want the Welsh Government to keep the excellent 20mph law

    5,384 signatures

  8. Keep the name 'Wales' and not waste any more taxpayers money on pointless exercises.

    5,137 signatures

  9. Increase, don’t cut, funding for the National Library, Amgueddfa Cymru and the Royal Commission

    4,472 signatures

  10. Hold a Wales-wide Public Poll to establish the true level of public support for the 20mph limit.

    4,187 signatures

  11. First Minister to intervene & save Welsh Duolingo.

    4,130 signatures

  12. We’re calling on the Welsh Government to commit to implementing targeted lung cancer screening.

    3,895 signatures

  13. Improve vital late night public transport infrastructure in South and South West Wales.

    3,101 signatures

  14. Continue to fund school police officers who educate children and support schools

    2,888 signatures

  15. New legislation should be introduced to protect sports pitches from dog fouling

    2,516 signatures

  16. Withdraw plans to change the structure of the school year

    2,262 signatures

  17. To stop using the name 'Anglesey' and exclusively use the name 'Ynys Môn' or shorten to 'Môn'.

    2,240 signatures

  18. Ban fireworks from shops

    2,168 signatures

  19. Reconsider cuts to Postgraduate funding and increase Doctoral Loans to match UKRI Stipend

    2,000 signatures

  20. Stop Natural Resources Wales closing the visitor centre at Ynyslas National Nature Reserve

    1,630 signatures

  21. Support deaf children by making a financial commitment to restoring Teacher of the Deaf numbers

    1,362 signatures

  22. Designate the Tywi Valley as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

    1,355 signatures

  23. Make this a condition of employment for MSs - they must use only public transport for all travel.

    1,347 signatures

  24. Women of North Wales have the right to have a Menopause Services/Clinic in Ysbyty Gwynedd

    1,138 signatures

  25. Scrap the 50mph limits on the M4 around Newport and Swansea and on the A470 around Pontypridd

    1,098 signatures

  26. Brynglas Tunnels M4 South Wales relief road to be put into action. 

    942 signatures

  27. Reinstate the 552 Cardi Bach coastal bus service in South Ceredigion!

    829 signatures

  28. Re-instate core funding for TRAC Cymru (Music Traditions Wales / Traddodiadau Cerdd Cymru)

    811 signatures

  29. Stop the flooding in Caenant Terrace, Skewen NOW!

    770 signatures

  30. Revoke Wales' National Transport Delivery Plan 2022 to 2027

    712 signatures

  31. Start a public inquiry into to the reasons, justification and evidence for 20mph.

    681 signatures

  32. Hold a public poll on whether to build the M4 Relief Road, then implement the result immediately.

    637 signatures

  33. Stop the Welsh Government from using Phil Jones Associates (PJA) to review the 20mph scheme.

    628 signatures

  34. Senedd Reform Bill to be amended to include provisions for constituency approval of MS pay increases

    563 signatures

  35. Establish a Welsh under 18 gender service in Wales for Welsh children and young people asap.

    508 signatures

  36. Scrap all Welsh Government policies from Agenda 21/Agenda 2030/Sustainable Development including Net Zero

    453 signatures

  37. Install a roundabout, not traffic lights, at fatal Nash Junction, Pembrokeshire.

    438 signatures

  38. A Beacon of Hope at Risk: Please Support Bronllys Well-Being Community Hub!

    403 signatures

  39. Prepare a bid for Wales to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest

    339 signatures

  40. Financial penalties for Local Education Authorities who do no comply with timeframes for ALN.

    325 signatures

  41. Explore options for transferring ownership of historical assets from Crown Estate to Welsh Government

    323 signatures

  42. Welsh Government to take action to protect people from airborne infections in health care settings

    308 signatures

  43. Rescind the 20mph limit on TRA4076 at Johnston Pembrokeshire

    300 signatures

  44. Stop the ban on GB News in the Senedd

    287 signatures

  45. We ask the Welsh Government to reverse its decision to stop T2 buses calling at Garndolbenmaen

    281 signatures

  46. We want and need a Mental Health unit for men in North Wales with beds

    260 signatures

  47. Create a sustainable traffic plan for the Rhiangoll Valley

    255 signatures

  48. Increase the speed limit on the M4 back to 70mph

    249 signatures

  49. Install traffic lights at the McDonald’s Pontypool roundabout.

    234 signatures

  50. Meat-free Monday in every school in Wales.

    228 signatures

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