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  1. Don't leave metastatic breast cancer patients in Wales behind

    5,470 signatures

  2. Protect Mid-Wales’ unique Cambrian Mountains: designate them an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

    3,106 signatures

  3. Petition for a Welsh Government inquiry into the campaign of trans rights activists at Cardiff University

    2,331 signatures

  4. Hold a public poll on the reduction of the default speed limit BEFORE it comes in to force

    1,624 signatures

  5. Allow exemptions to the 182-day occupancy rule to reduce harm to real Welsh self-catering businesses

    1,610 signatures

  6. The Welsh Government should hold a referendum before expanding the size of the Senedd.

    1,557 signatures

  7. Stop outsourcing at the Plas Menai National Outdoor Centre for Wales

    1,197 signatures

  8. To help improve water quality in the River Usk by upgrading sewage systems in the Usk valley.

    1,071 signatures

  9. Reject proposed 36 extra Members of the Senedd by 2026.

    722 signatures

  10. Review the decision allowing local authorities to increase council tax premiums on second homes to 300%

    650 signatures

  11. Recognise Teaching Assistants as an important asset to schools by raising wage

    649 signatures

  12. Stop "Controlled Burning" in Wales

    602 signatures

  13. Exert Welsh interests and defend international law against EdF-Hinkley fish-kill in Severn Estuary

    540 signatures

  14. Reconsider the exclusion to care home staff receiving the additional payment for social care workers

    537 signatures

  15. Protect Mynydd Eglwysilan and Cefn Eglwysilan

    530 signatures

  16. Make the dorglwyd, Comins Coch junction on the A487 safer

    495 signatures

  17. More protection for ancient & veteran trees in Wales. Old Trees can be relocated. Stop The Chop

    458 signatures

  18. Welsh Government 'Freeze on road building" to include a clause for cases that pose a danger to life

    449 signatures

  19. Provide funding for universal access to Fracture Liaison Services (FLS)

    401 signatures

  20. Make Welsh public sector organisations report scope 3 emissions and include them in net zero targets

    339 signatures

  21. To review the emergency temporary housing policy which impacts our communities.

    305 signatures

  22. Commit to the adoption of the maintenance of new housing estates by local authorities

    266 signatures

  23. Provide a pedestrian crossing on A4042 at Goytre Arms crossroads and reduce the speed limit to 20mph

    168 signatures

  24. Take immediate action to end sexual harassment in ALL Welsh schools, not just secondary schools

    153 signatures

  25. Introduce statutory targets, and a duty to report on progress, to increase woodland cover in Wales

    149 signatures

  26. Change the way local authorities in Wales are governed using the Leader/Cabinet/Scrutiny system.

    130 signatures

  27. Create a ‘National Sleep Strategy’ to end child bed poverty In Wales

    111 signatures

  28. To be able to opt in/out to receive any form of communication in either English or Welsh, not both

    100 signatures

  29. Create, fund and sustain sufficient affordable nursery and childcare places for all working parents

    92 signatures

  30. Issue guidance to all schools ensuring children can choose to wear knee-length shorts in the summer

    90 signatures

  31. Rename Wales to her original name, Cymru.

    77 signatures

  32. Calorie information displayed on food menus should never be a legal requirement in Wales.

    77 signatures

  33. Clean up the rubbish in Cardiff Bay, particularly the rubbish in the water.

    75 signatures

  34. Ban all Wetwipes

    56 signatures

  35. Ensure archaeologists survey all large works that disturb the earth

    53 signatures

  36. Exempt A and B roads in Wales from the proposed blanket 20mph speed limit

    51 signatures

  37. Increase the threshold for Small Business Rate Relief to come in line with England and Scotland.

    43 signatures

  38. Introduce a regular direct bus service to the National Botanic Garden of Wales from Abergavenny etc.

    43 signatures

  39. Introduce the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system for the 2026 Senedd elections.

    41 signatures

  40. Ban the giving of Goldfish as prizes at fairs and carnivals in Wales

    38 signatures

  41. Make the Mabinogion compulsory reading in primary/secondary schools.

    36 signatures

  42. Insulate all Welsh homes against both the heat and the cold...introduce grants that are open to all!

    34 signatures

  43. Have all trains stop at every station on the Wales rail network.

    25 signatures

  44. Ban plastic plants in Wales

    22 signatures

  45. Ban polystyrene

    20 signatures

  46. Bring back 'right to buy' and 'rent to buy' schemes.

    19 signatures

  47. Reject the proposed use of Closed Party Lists in future Senedd elections

    18 signatures

  48. Change visiting rules for family members in hospitals

    18 signatures

  49. Ensure a quick rollout of Monkeypox vaccines in Wales

    16 signatures

  50. To fund a community setting in all rural villages and towns to be open for 12 hours a day

    16 signatures

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