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  1. Cancel externally set ‘assessments’ in 2021 for AS and A levels and only use teacher assessed grades

    8,714 signatures

  2. Call for fair funding for the National Library of Wales by the Welsh Government

    8,503 signatures

  3. Allow parents of under 1 year old to form a support bubble in new Tier 4 Covid restrictions

    8,240 signatures

  4. Finally ban the manufacture, sale and use of animal snares in Wales

    5,170 signatures

  5. Allow organised outdoor sport for under 18s to put Wales in line with England’s tier 4.

    2,415 signatures

  6. Allow Welsh residents to travel for fishing the same as our counterparts in England

    2,299 signatures

  7. The Welsh Government should re-purchase and refurbish Coleg Harlech

    2,123 signatures

  8. Prioritise and save the Childcare Sector - Testing, vaccine and funding

    2,103 signatures

  9. Introduce a minimum 3 year residency requirement for all Senedd Election candidates

    2,051 signatures

  10. Re-evaluate and clarify the GCSE, AS, A-Level assessments situation

    1,580 signatures

  11. Close the schools! Keep our children safe. Due to the rise in covid. Save our future

    1,566 signatures

  12. Prioritise people with a learning disability to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in Wales.

    1,452 signatures

  13. Start a Welsh student Erasmus Scheme for students who study in Wales with European Union countries

    1,396 signatures

  14. Reduce the fee limit for all Welsh universities due to COVID-19 requirement of distanced learning

    1,114 signatures

  15. Allow traditional acupuncturists in Wales to practice during lockdowns

    1,022 signatures

  16. Allow two individuals from two different households to meet for exercise in alert level 4

    835 signatures

  17. Free school meals for all pupils in Wales

    775 signatures

  18. Targeted funding for residential outdoor education centres, now unable to operate for 12 months.

    768 signatures

  19. Help Welsh Communities Buy Community Assets: Implement Part 5 Chapter 3 of the Localism Act 2011

    650 signatures

  20. Cap all Welsh county council tax at 3%. A referendum of the public must take place to exceed 3%

    487 signatures

  21. Provide Free Period Products for all Menstruating People in Wales

    423 signatures

  22. Apply legislative measures now to enact the Law Commission's recommendations to abolish Leasehold

    418 signatures

  23. Stop coronavirus and help small businesses. Keep the ban on supermarkets selling non essential items

    396 signatures

  24. Require local Welsh exam centres to accept home-educated students for public exams

    389 signatures

  25. Allow new adoptive parents to form a support bubble in alert level 4

    377 signatures

  26. Reinstate Driving Tests and Lessons for Welsh learners

    348 signatures

  27. Cancel external exam style assessments for GCSEs in 2021 and trust our teachers

    314 signatures

  28. The Welsh Government to put in place a dedicated disability Minister within the next term of Government.

    308 signatures

  29. Let Welsh citizens vote on lockdown restrictions.

    272 signatures

  30. Give legal protection to designated Special Landscape Areas in Wales

    264 signatures

  31. Introduce road safety measures on the A44 in Llanbadarn Fawr, Ceredigion

    241 signatures

  32. Adapt the teacher training syllabus to include Transformational Coaching and Emotional Intelligence

    191 signatures

  33. Paint the trains on the mid Wales line to resemble caterpillars to encourage tourism

    176 signatures

  34. Consider re-doing this current academic year for students across wales.

    175 signatures

  35. Support Welsh travel & tourism businesses

    136 signatures

  36. Prioritise volunteer lifeboat crews, and other emergency services, for a COVID 19 vaccine

    135 signatures

  37. Break up the County of Rhondda Cynon Taff and join the Cynon Valley to Merthyr County

    135 signatures

  38. Prevent anyone who hasn't lived in Wales for at least 6 months from standing in Senedd elections

    124 signatures

  39. Instigate an Independent Judicial Inquiry into Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board

    123 signatures

  40. Overturn the policy of pacing Covid-19 vaccinations and roll it out with the utmost urgency

    118 signatures

  41. Immediately ban the use of toxic lead in all ammunition in Wales... lead is killing our wildlife!

    118 signatures

  42. Only shut businesses that have previously had a COVID-19 case linked to them

    108 signatures

  43. Increase the teaching and readily available information on drugs in Welsh secondary schools

    100 signatures

  44. Ensure that centre assessment grades contribute towards final GCSE and A Level grades

    87 signatures

  45. Extend the postgraduate STEMM bursary to all MSc students in Wales.

    86 signatures

  46. Make bullying and harassment in schools a criminal offence from the age of criminal responsibility

    84 signatures

  47. Ban fireworks from public sale

    82 signatures

  48. Publish clear evidence that COVID 19 is spread by pubs and restaurants practising social distancing

    80 signatures

  49. The Dignity Charter to inspire all citizens to become ambassadors of and for Wales

    72 signatures

  50. Petitions with more than 5,000 signatures should be debated not just considered for debate

    62 signatures

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