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  1. Ban greyhound racing in Wales

    22,078 signatures

  2. Provide a clinical pathway, medical care, and specialists for people with Tourette’s syndrome in Wales

    9,266 signatures

  3. Improve Endometriosis Healthcare in Wales

    4,256 signatures

  4. Extend section 25B of the Nurse Staffing Levels Act (Wales) 2016

    2,558 signatures

  5. Call on the Government to reconsider its decision to withdraw from the Llanbedr bypass scheme

    1,990 signatures

  6. Welsh Government to hold a public inquiry into decisions taken by them before & during the pandemic.

    1,842 signatures

  7. Open a full hospital facility, including an A&E department in mid Wales

    1,564 signatures

  8. We call on the Welsh Government to lead the way by supporting trials of a four-day week in Wales.

    1,539 signatures

  9. Improve health services for people with epilepsy living in Wales

    1,310 signatures

  10. Give secondary teachers a bonus for marking and standardizing summer 2021 official assessments.

    1,252 signatures

  11. Demand that all depictions of our dragon have a penis

    1,067 signatures

  12. Hold a referendum on Wales becoming a Nation of sanctuary

    1,028 signatures

  13. Reduced Council Tax for private estate properties

    574 signatures

  14. Stop the proliferation of intensive poultry units (IPUs) by legislating and introduce a moratorium until this can be achieved.

    528 signatures

  15. Review the process for pre-assessed status for onshore turbines, which unfairly disadvantages individuals

    498 signatures

  16. Calling on the Welsh Government not to vaccinate children 12 years and younger against COVID-19

    449 signatures

  17. Ensure appropriate provision of services and support for people with Acquired Brain Injury in Wales

    441 signatures

  18. End inconsistency in Covid guidance. Let schools have the same flexibility as cinemas or stadiums

    387 signatures

  19. Women should be regularly screened with a blood test called CA125 to detect for ovarian cancer

    383 signatures

  20. Age appropriate testing for Covid in Children

    357 signatures

  21. Acquire the land from Network Rail on which ATR884 runs as a permissive path and arrange maintenance

    324 signatures

  22. In remembrance of Aberfan, rename the George Thomas Hospital.

    304 signatures

  23. Introduce greener ‘bee-friendly' bus stops across Wales

    195 signatures

  24. For school transport guaranteed for all comprehensive children

    179 signatures

  25. Drastically reduce waiting times for ambulances and at A&E departments

    174 signatures

  26. The new Heads of the Valley road should not be restricted to 50 mph.

    166 signatures

  27. Create a recall mechanism for poorly performing Members of the Senedd

    156 signatures

  28. Secure the Right to Remote Access for Disabled and Neurodivergent People

    155 signatures

  29. Introduce parenting lessons and basic life skills for High School pupils.

    138 signatures

  30. Cancel GCSE Exams in Wales

    135 signatures

  31. Look at using Teacher Assessed Grades for learners unable to sit November GCSE exams as a result of a positive COVID test. Ensure fairer arrangements are in place for the May exams.

    126 signatures

  32. Change Standing Orders and admissibility criteria for petitions.

    114 signatures

  33. Ban Polystyrene and other single use plastics!

    114 signatures

  34. Welsh government to meet with a wider audience of unpaid carers.

    77 signatures

  35. Repeal Coronavirus Regulations and end all Covid-19 restrictions

    77 signatures

  36. Make individuals in Wales with Hidden disabilities eligible for the Blue Badge

    67 signatures

  37. Cancel AS and A Level exams within Wales for the summer of 2022

    66 signatures

  38. Every Second Counts: Install a defibrillator at every school in Wales for the public to access.

    63 signatures

  39. Control pollution from agriculture in the parts of the Wye and Severn River located in Wales

    62 signatures

  40. Invest to ensure all schools have high quality, effective internet infrastructure and connectivity

    58 signatures

  41. Increase funding for Gender Identity Clinics in Wales

    52 signatures

  42. Ban the use of non biodegradable dog poo bags

    46 signatures

  43. Every NHS Hospital, including those in planning, must have a Well-being area for NHS employees

    41 signatures

  44. Make October 21st an official Memorial Day for those killed and affected by the Aberfan Disaster

    37 signatures

  45. Remove Seagulls from the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (protected status)

    29 signatures

  46. Ban the sale of ALL disposable BBQs in Wales

    27 signatures

  47. Give the NHS bonus to agency workers that have worked in hospitals and other health care settings

    24 signatures

  48. Set the speed limit to 50mph along the A4042, Turnpike Road and Croesyceiliog Bypass.

    23 signatures

  49. That the Senedd adopt Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau as the offical anthem of the Welsh Senedd.

    21 signatures

  50. Change the law relating to landlords and the eviction process

    20 signatures

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