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  1. Scrap the ‘Universal Actions’ and payment reductions in the proposed Sustainable Farming Scheme.

    15,938 signatures

  2. Welsh Government to protect funding in education from WG and Local Authority cuts.

    10,638 signatures

  3. I demand a full public enquiry into the closure of Welsh Air Ambulance bases in mid and North Wales

    10,373 signatures

  4. Continue to fund school police officers who educate children and support schools

    5,710 signatures

  5. Keep the name 'Wales' and not waste any more taxpayers money on pointless exercises.

    5,433 signatures

  6. The people of Wales require a public inquiry into the £200,000 donation made to Vaughan Gething.

    4,241 signatures

  7. Call for an early Senedd election.

    3,518 signatures

  8. Legislate to ensure swift bricks are installed in all new buildings in Wales.

    2,302 signatures

  9. Explore options for transferring ownership of historical assets from Crown Estate to Welsh Government

    1,589 signatures

  10. Stop the detention of learning disabled and autistic children, young people and adults in hospitals.

    1,456 signatures

  11. 1000 meter mandatory buffer zone for all new and existing quarries

    1,338 signatures

  12. Stop the Welsh Government from using Phil Jones Associates (PJA) to review the 20mph scheme.

    708 signatures

  13. Make Pet Abduction a Specific Criminal Offence in Wales

    652 signatures

  14. Allow Welsh families who have experienced Baby loss before 24 weeks to obtain baby loss certificate.

    585 signatures

  15. Scrap all Welsh Government policies from Agenda 21/Agenda 2030/Sustainable Development including Net Zero

    557 signatures

  16. Make menopause a mandatory part of the curriculum for all healthcare sciences and medical students.

    522 signatures

  17. Any Government policy or project that costs more than £10 Million must be voted in by the electorate

    519 signatures

  18. Scrap the Racist and ridiculous Anti-Racist Wales Plan

    406 signatures

  19. Wind farm developments are akin to the drowning of Welsh valleys and old slate industry. Stop them.

    377 signatures

  20. Outlaw Ambulances from being used as extra beds for Hospitals.

    333 signatures

  21. Welsh Government to take action to protect people from airborne infections in health care settings

    330 signatures

  22. Instruct NHS Wales to add Adenomyosis to its 111 A-Z webpages

    321 signatures

  23. Set stricter rules to limit gifts, donations and payments received by Members of Senedd.

    320 signatures

  24. Urgently improve the safety of the A458, Middletown, Powys in light of continuous dangerous driving.

    307 signatures

  25. Comprehensively review NRW and its failure to deliver its statutory obligations to protect Wales

    306 signatures

  26. Give neighbours their say when holiday let owners start applying for licences

    291 signatures

  27. Meat-free Monday in every school in Wales.

    268 signatures

  28. Re-introduce the right to buy Scheme

    217 signatures

  29. Support Welsh Farmers and ensure that farmers can continue their work of feeding the nation.

    215 signatures

  30. Make April 7th the day of remembrance of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda within Wales

    164 signatures

  31. Fully involve and engage Welsh citizens in decisions about net zero policies and lead by example

    159 signatures

  32. Create an ARFID care and treatment pathway and implement it in all Welsh health boards

    149 signatures

  33. Provide Pelvic Radiation Disease treatment for cancer patients

    146 signatures

  34. Reduce Members of the Senedd’s expenses bill

    144 signatures

  35. Introduce a statutory requirement for local authorities to transport children to Welsh Medium schools

    128 signatures

  36. Establish a ‘Care Society’ to Tackle the Long COVID Crisis in Wales

    127 signatures

  37. Make shorter school holidays for children with additional needs

    123 signatures

  38. Extend Pupil Referral Units to include sixth form provision

    122 signatures

  39. Ensure diagnosis and treatment for people suffering from adverse Covid-19 vaccine side effects

    116 signatures

  40. Introduce routine testing for Strep B in all pregnant women across Wales.

    114 signatures

  41. Introduce a network of Toy Libraries around Wales

    105 signatures

  42. Provide a pedestrian crossing on A4042 Llanover; make safe for bus users and reduce the speed limit.

    102 signatures

  43. Make all Councils provide cat rescue centres

    97 signatures

  44. Keep Ynyslas beach car park open.

    88 signatures

  45. Empower Doctors to prescribe (ADHD) medication for children on lengthy waiting lists

    76 signatures

  46. Investigate dental charges and practices affecting dental and general health of the poorer in Wales

    72 signatures

  47. An automatic general election if the party in government changes their leader and therefore First Minister mid-term.

    67 signatures

  48. Protect our wildlife...ban plastic grass in Wales!

    66 signatures

  49. To urge Welsh Government to reconsider the use of BMI in the Healthy Child Wales Programme

    56 signatures

  50. Dexa scans for all women over 60 years old and women at high risk of Osteoporosis.

    50 signatures

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