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  1. Make face masks compulsory while visiting shops and supermarkets in Wales.


  2. Defy UK legislation that allows Westminster to force food and environmental standards on Wales.


  3. Make face masks mandatory (with medical exceptions) on public transport in Wales

    17 signatures

  4. To call on the Welsh Government not to remove, damage or destroy any historical symbols in Wales.

    40 signatures

  5. petition for stamp duty holiday in wales


  6. Implement a holiday to land transaction tax In line with announcement made today by the Chancellor


  7. Don't open schools in September unless it is safe to do so


  8. Bring the Land Transaction Tax in line with the UK Government's Stamp Duty break to boost economy

    1,606 signatures

  9. Demand an EIA now on the dumping of radioactively contaminated mud in Welsh waters.

    367 signatures

  10. Provide new/re-open safe off road horseriding routes & address the 60mph speed limit of rural roads.


  11. Call in applications 20/00357/MJR & 16/01530/MJR & re-visit all related applications on this site.


  12. Wearing of face masks/coverings to be mandatory in shops.

    139 signatures

  13. Allow weddings to go ahead with full reception with a maximum of 100 people.

    10 signatures

  14. Examine the feasibility of a Welsh NHS design and Manufacturing facility for Medical Equipment

    22 signatures

  15. Allow couples from different households to have physical contact, outside of extended households.

    11 signatures



  17. Reduce social distancing requirements for children, so they can meet and play outdoors this summer

    269 signatures

  18. Prevent change of purpose of the polish village in Pwlleli.


  19. Make it Illegal not to Recycle Household Waste


  20. Permit the reopening of church buildings, etc. for communal worship

    410 signatures

  21. Mandate Welsh Councils to apply a minimum 100% Council Tax surcharge on second homes.

    269 signatures

  22. Open schools in September. Scrap blended learning.

    9,254 signatures

  23. Allow Tattoo, Beauty parlours, Gyms & Swimming pools, to reopen.

    295 signatures

  24. Open Gyms, Swimming Pools, Leisure Centres and other sporting facilities indoor and outdoor now


  25. Welsh Parliament to take responsibility for the protection of the ‘Cofiwch Dryweryn’ mural


  26. We are calling on the Cymric Government to remove the statue of Edward VIII fom Cymru.


  27. Establish a Wales wide Environmental and Wildlife Enforcement Service to tackle environmental crime.

    148 signatures

  28. Get Wales to wear face masks in public places for at least a month after opening.

    8 signatures

  29. Help to Protect Music venues, and theatres.

    16 signatures

  30. Ban the sale of devices to aid the abuse of n2o canisters & make possession of n2o canisters illegal

    18 signatures

  31. Give Citizens of Wales use and access to the German Track and Trace APP! We can't wait for England!

    55 signatures

  32. Give key worker children equal access to their schools and teachers.

    508 signatures

  33. Enforce fines at beaches and beauty spots for littering.


  34. Make retail in Wales fully accessible to disabled people

    146 signatures

  35. Allow pupils to wear masks in all areas of the school premises

    41 signatures

  36. Remove compulsory Welsh Bac for students looking to go to University

    12 signatures

  37. Road Safety: Reduce the speed on the A487 trunk road to 20mph through Penparcau, Aberystwyth.

    234 signatures

  38. Trigger by-election for members wishing to change party affiliation

    232 signatures

  39. Permanently change the name of the principality stadium to Dragon heart stadium.


  40. Open gyms at the next 3 week review in Wales - 6th July!


  41. Allow birthing partners to be present at scans, the start of labour, birth and after the birth.

    24 signatures

  42. Update guidelines so family run Adult Gaming Centres qualify for Business Grants in Wales.

    705 signatures

  43. An independent inquiry into the 2020 flooding in Rhondda Cynon Taf so that lessons are learned.

    2,099 signatures

  44. Create a National Museum for Welsh Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic History and Heritage

    456 signatures

  45. Save the Northern Meadow in Whitchurch Cardiff.


  46. Legislate to prevent people from changing Welsh house names

    17,428 signatures

  47. Allow small gyms and personal training spaces to open sooner during COVID restrictions

    3,177 signatures

  48. Remove Welsh Labour from the Senedd


  49. We need to grow our economy. Put together a bid to convince Tesla to open a gigafactory in Wales

    18 signatures

  50. Allow free travel between England and Wales.

    25 signatures

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