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  1. Amend legislation in Wales to align with England for Excessive Council Tax Increases

    14 signatures

  2. Introduce a recall procedure for underperforming AMs as we have for MPs, incorporating by elections.


  3. introduction of legislation that is against the good interests of Wales, it’s economy and people.


  4. Fair and Adequate Resourcing of General Practice in Wales

    9,616 signatures

  5. call for an extraordinary general election for senedd members


  6. Stop fireworks making bangs.


  7. Introduction of Class E Use Class for Business Premises in Wales

    6 signatures

  8. Increase clarity and rights for people on direct payments or WILG to live independently

    16 signatures

  9. Re-instate core funding for TRAC Cymru (Music Traditions Wales / Traddodiadau Cerdd Cymru)

    764 signatures

  10. Change Land Transaction Tax for First Time Buyers in Wales to be in line with the UK Government

    116 signatures

  11. Vote for no confidence in the Welsh parliament and all politicians.


  12. Extend Universal Free School Meals to secondary schools

    103 signatures

  13. Stop the large amount of Cardiff waste being dumped into the waste tip adjacent to Spittal.


  14. Stop the revaluation of welsh homes for council tax purposes.


  15. Keep towns names both in English and Welsh.

    92 signatures

  16. Establish a Welsh under 18 gender service in Wales for Welsh children and young people asap.

    483 signatures

  17. get senedd members on public transport


  18. remove Drakeford from his position as first minister for the breaking of the ministerial code.


  19. Reinstate sandwiches as a daily option in schools


  20. Prohibit the use of loud fireworks in Wales.


  21. Support for the Palestinian People: Providing Refuge and a Safe Haven in Wales

    21 signatures

  22. Statement of No Confidence in Mark Drakeford and Welsh Labour


  23. Start a public enquiry into to the reasons, justification and evidence for 20mph.

    137 signatures

  24. Improve vital late night public transport infrastructure in South and South West Wales.

    1,454 signatures

  25. Put more funding into Mental Health Services in communities in Wales.

    17 signatures

  26. Create mental health hubs in every health board and within local authority education departments


  27. Provide humanitarian aid to Gaza

    1,783 signatures

  28. Call for an immediate ceasefire in Israel and Gaza


  29. Stop dentists refusing to see and treat vulnerable people

    17 signatures

  30. We’re calling on the Welsh Government to commit to implementing targeted lung cancer screening.

    1,277 signatures

  31. first minister party members in power repay welsh tax payers money squandered out of their salary


  32. Oppose the WHO's Pandemic Preparedness Treaty.


  33. To rethink single use plastic bottles in Cardiff primary schools.


  34. Stop the cuts to essential bus routes in Swansea. Invest and improve public transport in the city.


  35. hold a public referendum on whether mark drakeford should still be the welsh labour leader


  36. Keep developing Duolingo for Welsh learners


  37. First Minister to intervene & save Welsh Duolingo.

    3,801 signatures

  38. Stop the ban on GB News in the Senedd

    227 signatures

  39. Allow the people of Wales to hold a Devolution Referendum


  40. Reinstate the 552 Cardi Bach coastal bus service in South Ceredigion!

    490 signatures

  41. Petition welsh public to vote on Westminster putting the welsh government into special measures


  42. A Beacon of Hope at Risk: Please Support Bronllys Well-Being Community Hub!

    361 signatures

  43. Oak tree at the Gate of the Dead, should be given statutory protection by Cadw, as an ancient tree

    77 signatures

  44. Pillar of Eliseg, carved stone from the 850s AD, should be moved to a Amgueddfa Cymru to protect it.

    38 signatures

  45. Public vote of no confidence in labour and plaid assembly ministers


  46. Make it compulsory to add a calorie counter onto all processed foods.

    7 signatures

  47. Safeguard the future of Denbighire’s libraries by ringfencing existing service levels and budgets


  48. Hold a Wales-wide Public Poll to establish the true level of public support for the 20mph limit.

    3,832 signatures

  49. Support deaf children by making a financial commitment to restoring Teacher of the Deaf numbers

    1,095 signatures

  50. Install a roundabout, not traffic lights, at fatal Nash Junction, Pembrokeshire.

    432 signatures

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