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  1. The welsh government to hold a referendum for welsh independence


  2. We want farm subsidies to be extended to small scale and market gardeners.

    234 signatures

  3. Stop Welsh Government licensing release of game birds in Wales Consultation 20th June 2023


  4. Introduce comprehensive safety measures at the A477 'Fingerpost' junction

    3,737 signatures

  5. Decline planning permission for the development planned proposed as Parc Solar Caenewydd.

    501 signatures

  6. Get Wales on Eurovision

    10 signatures

  7. Make changes to the Discretionary Fund so that it covers the shortfall with private rentals


  8. Use Welsh place names in all official capacities, even as part of English language communication.


  9. Stop the dredging of sand from the bays around the Gower and Swansea

    19 signatures

  10. Stop the 'reform' of Council Tax Banding as many overstretched households will have to pay even more


  11. Stop paying immigrants £1600 a month for two years. The Welsh people didn’t not vote or want this.


  12. Start a TrawsCymru bus service between Newtown and Aberystwyth

    9 signatures

  13. Welsh Government to stop basic income pilot payments to unaccompanied asylum-seekers

    36 signatures

  14. Stop Welsh Government Wasting £4million on “Skyline” private development Kilvey Hill, Swansea.

    829 signatures

  15. Road signs, recorded phone messages, SMS messages should be in English first

    9 signatures

  16. All place, street, directional and other informative road signs remain bilingual

    20 signatures

  17. Re-open the railway stop in Nant-y-Derry Goytre Fawr to include us in the South Wales Metro.

    185 signatures

  18. Commission suitable NHS services in Wales for people with EDS or hypermobility spectrum disorders

    827 signatures

  19. The Welsh Govt should take steps to save the Environmental Information Regulations in relation to Wales

    254 signatures

  20. Establish The Mid Wales Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


  21. Use only Welsh names for places in Wales.

    1,109 signatures

  22. Every new school should be a Welsh-medium school.

    7 signatures

  23. Stop the Brecon Beacons being renamed.


  24. Re-open Dyfi Ward at Tywyn Hospital now

    1,299 signatures

  25. Sicrhau mai Cymru ydy Cymru ac nid Wales - fel Yr Wyddfa, fel Eryri ac fel Bannau Brycheiniog


  26. Develop a 50m swimming pool in North Wales.

    146 signatures

  27. Training/guidance for psychologists to identify and support victims of abusive alienation behaviours

    28 signatures

  28. Lift all restrictions on care homes when Covid is present, to ensure residents have quality of life.


  29. To ensure all parents of newly born children receive information about children’s rights directly

    76 signatures

  30. Reinstate funding for Taf Valley Coaches 351 (Tenby to Pendine) and 352 (Tenby to Kilgetty) services

    1,660 signatures

  31. Re-open railway lines to connect the north and south of Wales

    11,178 signatures

  32. Fund the removal of quarry rocks and the restoration of sand and groynes to Llandudno North Shore.

    4,616 signatures

  33. An £86,000 cap on the amount anyone will need to spend on their personal care over their lifetime.

    97 signatures

  34. Dentistry crisis in Wales. Ensure all adults and children have access to a dentist.

    264 signatures

  35. Stop Natural Resources Wales from tree felling that threatens red squirrel survival

    3,625 signatures

    Referred to the Petitions Committee

  36. Stop the change of speed limits to 20mph on 17th September.

    21,920 signatures

    Referred to the Petitions Committee

  37. Stop tourist tax plan

    26 signatures

  38. Create an Animal NHS

    14 signatures

  39. Provide accessible mental health services for deaf people in Wales.

    71 signatures

  40. Traffic lights on the Rechem/New Inn roundabout and a pedestrian foot bridge

    97 signatures

  41. Review Additional Learning Needs policies & make compulsory to FULLY train all teachers and TAs in regulation techniques

    4,344 signatures

  42. Fund and create a cycle track along a former railway line to safely link local communities.


  43. Bring back the right to buy council houses

    14 signatures

  44. To make it mandatory for primary schools in Wales to have fruit trees on site.

    8 signatures

  45. Evaluate the end-of-life care policy in wales and determine how humane it is to people.

    100 signatures

  46. Build a simple slip-road between the M48 westbound and M4 eastbound at Rogiet

    171 signatures

  47. Cap Council Tax rises in Wales

    46 signatures

  48. Scrap the outdoor seating licence costs for Welsh businesses

    79 signatures

  49. Draw up a new Microplastics Action Plan for Wales 

    1,238 signatures

  50. Do not remove statues of famous people and replace them with others to promote diversity.

    128 signatures

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