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  1. Ban the release of balloons as a way of memorial tribute in Wales


  2. No parking outside schools between the hours of 8.15am until 9.15am and 2.30pm until 3.30pm.


  3. No to the 36 extra ministers in the senedd 60 are enough


  4. Enact immediate and urgent measures to provide NHS dental care in Wales.


  5. Stop running Welsh Government adverts in Welsh on ITV Wales

    5 signatures

  6. Establish a ‘Care Society’ to Tackle the Long COVID Crisis in Wales

    28 signatures

  7. Help Get ysgol heol Goffa the new specialist school they deserve and mostly NEED!


  8. Urgently improve the safety of the A458, Middletown, Powys in light of continuous dangerous driving.

    200 signatures

  9. Neurodivergence Education and Support in Maternity and Perinatal Mental Health Services

    4 signatures

  10. Ail ystyried y penderfyniad i roi gorau i ariannu Cynllun Heddlu Ysgolion - School Beat Cymru


  11. Reduce Members of the Senedd’s expenses bill

    84 signatures

  12. 36 new Members of the Senedd to be paid from a reduction in the current Members wages.


  13. Protect the junior departments of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama from closure

    5,075 signatures

  14. Put the increase of senedd members to a public vote


  15. Put the expansion of the Senedd to a public vote.


  16. Hold a referendum on the increased numbers of politicians in the Senedd.


  17. Referendum asking to the people of Wales if they still want the Welsh Assembly.


  18. Specialist eating disorder unit for young people in Wales

    7 signatures

  19. Review the education provision of Blaenau Gwent in Wales.


  20. Stop the increase of senedd members from 60 to 96


  21. Hold a referendum on any changes to the size of the Senedd and the way constituents are represented.


  22. Put the speed limits on all roads in Wales back to pre-pandemic limits.


  23. Prohibit politicians from accepting donations.

    41 signatures

  24. Wind farm developments are akin to the drowning of Welsh valleys and old slate industry. Stop them.

    361 signatures

  25. Provide a pedestrian crossing on A4042 Llanover; make safe for bus users and reduce the speed limit.

    85 signatures

  26. Return all 30 mph roads to 30 mph immediately.


  27. Stop the increase in Senned members


  28. To reserve and use the 20mph national speed limit on roads in vulnerable and high risk areas only.


  29. The people of Wales require a public inquiry into the £200,000 donation made to Vaughan Gething.

    3,442 signatures

  30. Review NPTCBC rejection of renewing the damaged road of 25-32 and 35-38 Lletty Harri SA132ES


  31. Reverse blanket 20 mph speed limit now do not wait until September, do not pass buck to councils.


  32. For the WG to conduct a full public enquiry into the WAAC base closures at Caernarfon & Welshpool


  33. Rescind the 20mph national speed limit revert it back to 30mph. Reinstate previous 20mph limit areas


  34. Make menopause a mandatory part of the curriculum for all healthcare sciences and medical students.

    462 signatures

  35. Keep Ynyslas beach car park open.

    75 signatures

  36. Pause "digital voice" rollout in communities where power cuts would lead to incommunicado


  37. Please urge Cardiff Bus to restore the late night bus service from the Wmc to City Centre


  38. Senedd members to take a pay cut to help fund the national museum in Cardiff.


  39. Introduce a network of Toy Libraries around Wales

    23 signatures

  40. TV license fee.


  41. Ban school uniforms in every school

    6 signatures

  42. Take urgent action to improve immediate response times for Welsh Ambulance Service.

    22 signatures

  43. Comprehensively review NRW and its failure to deliver its statutory obligations to protect Wales

    37 signatures

  44. Make April 7th the day of remembrance of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda within Wales

    156 signatures

  45. Stop the detention of learning disabled and autistic children, young people and adults in hospitals.

    1,364 signatures

  46. Make shorter school holidays for children with additional needs

    123 signatures

  47. Stop the changes to Denbighshires refuse operations.


  48. 1000 meter mandatory buffer zone for all new and existing quarries

    1,173 signatures

  49. Give school children free bus passes


  50. Provide funding and support for the adequate provision of accessible and clean public toilets.

    1,626 signatures

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