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  1. Cancel statutory tests for all primary school children in the academic year 2020-21


  2. Match the funding for small businesses during lockdown with England - including the restart grant

    794 signatures

  3. Stop the proposed closure of Ysgol Blaenau.


  4. Lift campaign restrictions so the Welsh elections can be fought fairly


  5. Restore access from Dolgarrog to its train station by reopening the bridge to pedestrians


  6. Open all shops and hospitality INSIST UK government give us 1.5 million doses ofvaccine immediately


  7. Provide a date for the return of Organised Children's Activities for Babies & Toddlers

    1,482 signatures

  8. Help for first time buyers to purchase previously owned homes


  9. Allow our children to have their summer holidays. Focus on their wellbeing not academic attainment.

    9 signatures

  10. Improve the living conditions of the inmates in HMP Berwyn Wrexham during the COVID-19 pandemic


  11. Call in the planning application for Penrhos Nature Reserve, Holyhead,Anglesey


  12. Re-open the Welsh hospitality sector by 12 April 2021

    104 signatures

  13. Reopen the fitness industry in March to help combat physical & mental health problems


  14. Stop the Welsh Government introducing a blanket 20mph speed limit

    8 signatures

  15. Create a national list of all unpaid carers in Wales

    19 signatures

  16. Allow safe, socially-distanced watersports during coronavirus lockdowns

    1,158 signatures

  17. Stop covid testing at Gilfach Goch Community Centre


  18. To open outside gyms and sport in Wales the same as England March 29th

    258 signatures

  19. Set a date for gyms and fitness to resume within a reasonable time, along with non-essential shops


  20. Offer COVID vaccine to all teaching staff now that children are starting to return to school.


  21. Follow the English government with recent Covid roadmaps and work as a United Kingdom


  22. Send all children back to school before opening anything else - as you promised


  23. Resume team sports for children in line with England on March 29th 2021

    68 signatures

  24. Set up more motocross tracks in south wales


  25. Legalize cannabis in Wales with a structured business framework.


  26. Hold PUBLIC ENQUIRY regarding planning at Penrhos Nature Reserve/Park on Anglesey


  27. Invest in flood defences on the Towy in Carmarthen including the Quayside area

    720 signatures

  28. Fully open schools for all ages in Wales as the next step from 15th March

    2,068 signatures

  29. Review Welsh General Practice Access standards in light of pandemic

    499 signatures

  30. Open gyms on March 15th to support the mental health and physical well being of people

    159 signatures

  31. Start referring to Welsh cities and towns by their Welsh names

    73 signatures

  32. Allow outdoor sports courts, golf courses and enclosed pitches to open for non-contact sports


  33. Re-open Gyms & Swimming Pools in Wales


  34. Ban the shooting of critically endangered birds...give them the protection they so desperately need!

    89 signatures

  35. Backdate self-isolation payment for notification by NHS COVID-19 app in line with English government

    8 signatures

  36. Stop the Welsh government & public groups from making Wales a Nation of Sanctuary

    1,542 signatures

  37. Increase support for non essential business closed due to Covid reflecting other Uk devolved Nations


  38. Request the return of the Bluestones taken from Welsh sites to embellish Stonehenge


  39. Prevent the sale of green land at Thistle Court in Ty Canol to a private developer


  40. Do not roll out Covid 19 vaccine passports for retail, hospitality or other premises

    17 signatures

  41. Return of the stones of Stonehenge to its original location in the Preseli, Pembrokeshire


  42. Ban the killing of day old chicks in Wales

    293 signatures

  43. Provide a clear roadmap for lifting lockdown restrictions in Wales, and the thresholds required

    22 signatures

  44. Make first time buyers exempt from Land Transaction Tax rather than following the standard LTT rates

    4 signatures

  45. Scrap the 10pm curfew when hospitality can open


  46. Place Cardiff Children's Services into special measures and conduct an urgent independent review

    4 signatures

  47. Provide business rates holiday to holiday home sites in wales, the same as england

    637 signatures

  48. Require all schools to provide daily live / recorded teaching to all pupils not returning to school

    306 signatures

  49. Support the teaching staff of wales and make them a priority to receive the vaccine


  50. Save Churchstoke Primary School


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