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  1. Increase, don’t cut, funding for the National Library, Amgueddfa Cymru and the Royal Commission

    12,075 signatures

    Debated on 26 June 2024

  2. Fund vaccine research to protect red squirrels from deadly Squirrelpox virus

    11,313 signatures

    Debated on 27 September 2023

  3. The Senedd should scrutinise the prepayment meter scandal in Wales

    299 signatures

    Debated on 1 May 2024

  4. Reform of the additional learning needs Code of Wales 2021.

    15,160 signatures

    Debated on 8 May 2024

  5. Match the new childcare offer in England of 15 hours for 2 year old's from April 2024

    407 signatures

    Debated on 31 January 2024

  6. Offer Welsh working parents the same financial support for childcare as England

    10,820 signatures

    Debated on 31 January 2024

  7. Introduce comprehensive safety measures at the A477 'Fingerpost' junction

    10,310 signatures

    Debated on 22 November 2023

  8. Make conservation management plans compulsory for scheduled monuments at risk such as Ruperra Castle

    7,469 signatures

    Debated on 18 October 2023

  9. Sycharth, the home of Owain Glyndŵr, should be bought to safeguard the site for future generations.

    10,539 signatures

    Debated on 13 September 2023

  10. Routine collection and publication of data of how many babies/children return to their care experienced parents care at the end of a Parent and Child Placement

    60 signatures

    Debated on 12 July 2023

  11. Stop the change of speed limits to 20mph on 17th September.

    21,920 signatures

    Debated on 28 June 2023

  12. We call on the Welsh Government to lead the way by supporting trials of a four-day week in Wales.

    1,619 signatures

    Debated on 10 May 2023

  13. Ban greyhound racing in Wales

    35,101 signatures

    Debated on 8 March 2023

  14. Mark Allen's Law - we want throwline stations around all open water sites in Wales

    11,027 signatures

    Debated on 7 December 2022

  15. Protect Mid-Wales’ unique Cambrian Mountains: designate them an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

    3,571 signatures

    Debated on 30 November 2022

  16. Don't leave metastatic breast cancer patients in Wales behind

    14,106 signatures

    Debated on 19 October 2022

  17. Extend section 25B of the Nurse Staffing Levels Act (Wales) 2016

    10,572 signatures

    Debated on 28 September 2022

  18. Save A&E. Withybush General Hospital must retain 24 hour, 7 days a week, Consultant Led urgent care

    10,678 signatures

    Debated on 29 June 2022

  19. Provide a clinical pathway, medical care, and specialists for people with Tourette’s syndrome in Wales

    10,393 signatures

    Debated on 25 May 2022


    5,541 signatures

    Debated on 16 February 2022

  21. Reinstate cervical screening to every 3 years

    30,133 signatures

    Debated on 19 January 2022

  22. New laws to protect rare red squirrels from habitat loss which causes population decline

    10,555 signatures

    Debated on 8 December 2021

  23. Supporting Families with Sudden and Unexpected Death in Children and Young Adults

    5,682 signatures

    Debated on 3 November 2021

  24. Give Local Authorities powers to control the housing market in rural and tourist areas of Wales

    5,386 signatures

    Debated on 17 March 2021

  25. Increase funding for mental health services and improve waiting times for people needing help in crisis. We need a change!

    5,159 signatures

    Debated on 10 March 2021

  26. Support for the current proposed plans to build a new Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff, in any future inquiry.

    11,392 signatures

    Debated on 3 March 2021

  27. Hold an independent inquiry into the choice of site for the proposed new Velindre Cancer Centre.

    5,241 signatures

    Debated on 3 March 2021

  28. An independent inquiry into the 2020 flooding in Rhondda Cynon Taf so that lessons are learned.

    5,743 signatures

    Debated on 9 December 2020

  29. Make it compulsory for Black and POC UK histories to be taught in the Welsh education curriculum.

    34,736 signatures

    Debated on 4 November 2020

  30. Demand an EIA now on the dumping of radioactively contaminated mud in Welsh waters.

    10,692 signatures

    Debated on 21 October 2020

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