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  1. Welsh Government to amend its NDR relief policy to help keep Debenhams stores open in Wales

    5,790 signatures

    Debated on 8 July 2020

  2. Make Learning Disability training mandatory for hospital staff

    5,654 signatures

    Debated on 6 November 2019

  3. Declare a Climate Emergency and fit all policies with zero-carbon targets

    6,148 signatures

    Debated on 19 June 2019

  4. Prescription drug dependence and withdrawal - recognition and support

    213 signatures

    Debated on 22 May 2019

  5. All men in Wales should have access through the NHS to the best possible diagnostic tests for prostate cancer

    6,345 signatures

    Debated on 6 March 2019

  6. To improve access to Education and services in British Sign Language

    1,162 signatures

    Debated on 6 February 2019

  7. Presumption in favour of rural schools

    5,125 signatures

    Debated on 21 November 2018

  8. Routine Screening for Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Young People

    2,570 signatures

    Debated on 3 October 2018

  9. Pembrokeshire says NO!! To the closure of Withybush A&E!

    40,045 signatures

    Debated on 26 September 2018

  10. Suspend Marine Licence 12/45/ML to dump radioactive marine sediments from the Hinkley Point nuclear site into Wales coastal waters off Cardiff

    7,033 signatures

    Debated on 23 May 2018

  11. Calling on the Welsh Government to Ban The Use of Wild Animals in Circuses in Wales

    6,398 signatures

    Debated on 7 March 2018

  12. Ensure Disabled People can Access Public Transport as and When They Need it

    22 signatures

    Debated on 31 January 2018

  13. Port Talbot Community Against the Super Prison

    8,791 signatures

    Debated on 6 December 2017

  14. Live Music Protection in Wales

    5,383 signatures

    Debated on 12 July 2017

  15. Support Yearly Screening for Ovarian Cancer (CA125 blood test)

    104 signatures

    Debated on 29 March 2017

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