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  1. Stop catchment intake for high school and allow intake from a feeder school.

  2. Prevent Welsh Assembly from wasting £25 million by increasing the assembly members from 60 to 96.

  3. Sicrhau fod pob gem bêl droed Cymru yn aros ar S4C a sianeli sydd am ddim i wylio

  4. Make it a rule to show Wales vs England world cup match in schools

  5. make rail replacement buses accept tickets to stop them filling up with unruly teenagers...

  6. Reduce motorcycle and vehicle noise and excessive speeding on Welsh Country Roads.

  7. All health and social care workers to be entitled to the £1000 bonus in Wales

  8. A48 - Make It Safe! Provide funds to BCBC to make the A48 safe between Island Farm & Broadlands

  9. Diddymu yr angen i gael caloriau ar fwydlenni. Scrap the need for calories on a menu.

  10. Scrap the COVID-19 Vaccination Program for 5-11 Year Olds.

  11. Friday weekend for Wales.

  12. Let people with terminal illness die with dignity in Wales with assistance.

  13. Rhondda Fach relief road.

  14. Start a Welsh National cricket team. Cruced Cymru, perhaps.

  15. Public Enquiry into all aspects of how Welsh Government handled the Pandemic.

  16. Advise Eluned Morgan to resign as a Member of the Senedd.

  17. Refund to customers of Dwr Cymru and Hafren Dyfrdwy for every discharge of untreated sewage

  18. A singing statue of Neville in Cardiff

  19. Listen to the residents of north wales and stop declining this petition on the speed limit pilot

  20. Enquiry into forcing people to take an experimental injection which did not work. Who benefited?

  21. Stop 20mph zones in Wales

  22. We want Jack Sargeant MS to step down from his duties as Member of The Senedd

  23. Ditch the 20mph speed limit pilot in Wales

  24. Scrap the 20mph speed limit in Buckley and only apply it outside schools and some housing estates.

  25. Remove the 20mph speed limit put in place in Flintshire County Council towns

  26. Remove the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification from all secondary and higher education schools.

  27. Impose a custodial sentence for abuse on farm animals

  28. Ban the discrimination against School uniforms for girls in every school throughout wales

  29. Do not distribute the “patriotic” book about the Queen’s reign to schools in Wales

  30. Make the use of cycle paths in Wales compulsory if available.

  31. Create legal painting option on construction site hoardings in Wales

  32. More funding for youth services and the reopening of community centers

  33. Stop the expansion of GLJ Recycling, Cwmcarn towards residential areas.

  34. Mark Drakeford to provide scientific Evidence to support Restrictions and Covid passports

  35. Grant all students taking exams in 2022 Extenuating Circumstances.

  36. Make the teaching of LGBTQ relationships and sexual health mandatory in sexual education classes.

  37. Connect North and South with a railway\carriageway

  38. Abolish social distancing restrictions

  39. Keep cervical screening to 3 years and not extended to 5 years.

  40. Agree to the construction of the proposed new community hospital in Rhyl as soon as possible.

  41. Cervical screening should stay at every 3 years and not changed to 5 years.

  42. Keep cervical screening to 3 years and not extended to 5 years

  43. Keep cervical screening to 3 years and not extended to 5 years for women aged 25-49.

  44. Stop the gap between cervical screening tests being increased from three years to five.

  45. To Regulate all animal rescue centres in wales

  46. Immediately cancel all new Level 2 restrictions due to be imposed on 26th December 2021

  47. Reverse the decision to play sporting events behind closed doors from the 27th of December

  48. Call-In: Application 21/01359/MJR, Land at the former recycling centre Waungron Road, Llandaff.

  49. Bring back 'right to buy' scheme so people who rent from local authorities can buy their homes.

  50. Table a Vote of No Confidence in First Minister Mark Drakefords Covid Rules

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