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  1. Make face masks compulsory while visiting shops and supermarkets in Wales.

  2. Defy UK legislation that allows Westminster to force food and environmental standards on Wales.

  3. petition for stamp duty holiday in wales

  4. Implement a holiday to land transaction tax In line with announcement made today by the Chancellor

  5. Don't open schools in September unless it is safe to do so

  6. Provide new/re-open safe off road horseriding routes & address the 60mph speed limit of rural roads.

  7. Call in applications 20/00357/MJR & 16/01530/MJR & re-visit all related applications on this site.


  9. Prevent change of purpose of the polish village in Pwlleli.

  10. Make it Illegal not to Recycle Household Waste

  11. Open Gyms, Swimming Pools, Leisure Centres and other sporting facilities indoor and outdoor now

  12. Welsh Parliament to take responsibility for the protection of the ‘Cofiwch Dryweryn’ mural

  13. We are calling on the Cymric Government to remove the statue of Edward VIII fom Cymru.

  14. Enforce fines at beaches and beauty spots for littering.

  15. Permanently change the name of the principality stadium to Dragon heart stadium.

  16. Open gyms at the next 3 week review in Wales - 6th July!

  17. Save the Northern Meadow in Whitchurch Cardiff.

  18. Remove Welsh Labour from the Senedd

  19. Drop the 5 mile travel rule for people without close by family members

  20. Pass Lucy's Law and bring it info force. Lucy's Law will ban puppy farms in Wales.

  21. Allow gyms and leisure centers to reopen.

  22. Call to stop the war in Yemen: end arms sales to Saudi Arabia

  23. Fall in line with central Governments COVID-19 regulations and stop separate rules for the Wales.

  24. Protect Mental Health and increase the five mile travel restriction

  25. We the Welsh People call for the immediate resignation of Mark Drakeford.

  26. Erect a statue of Shirley Bassey in Cardiff

  27. Table a Vote of No Confidence in First Minister Mark Drakeford

  28. Stop the housing development on the only green area in Twynyrodyn, Merthyr Tydfil

  29. Lift the 5 mile travel ban during lock down in Wales.

  30. Open campsites in Wales

  31. Open slipways consistently across Wales to facilitate boating

  32. Allow Welsh zoos to reopen

  33. Open dentists as a matter of priority and in line with the plans in England.

  34. make it compulsory for all children to wear safety helmets whilst on their bicycle.

  35. Uphold travel ban on Welsh borders

  36. Financially support Welsh zoos, aquariums & rescue centres during the coronavirus restrictions.

  37. Petition to retitle Ysgol Goronwy Owen, Benllech - currently named after a slave owner.

  38. Remove Mark Drakeford as first minister

  39. Fair Funding Settlement for Welsh Public Services

  40. Build a permanent Eisteddfod building at the centre of Wales

  41. Rename Cardiff Bay, Tiger Bay to show pride in our diverse history.

  42. Create a "Tiger Bay Museum and Archive" in Cardiff Bay

  43. Make it compulsory that companies create Welsh language packaging and/or labels for store products.

  44. Call upon English Government to investigate the wrongful conviction of David Morris. Clydach Case.

  45. Reject a military medicine museum in Tiger Bay in favour of one exploring multiculturalism in Wales.

  46. fast food drive throughs should write the number plate of the car on the wrapping.

  47. Allow the return of small legal marriages.

  48. Ban all 5G wireless/mobile network masts from Wales because of health and environmental concerns

  49. Reconsider decision regarding A467 footbridge replacement

  50. Provide immediate emergency financial support for the Welsh Mountain Zoo during the Covid crisis.

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