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  1. Call in the planning application for Penrhos Nature Reserve, Holyhead,Anglesey

  2. Reopen the fitness industry in March to help combat physical & mental health problems

  3. Stop covid testing at Gilfach Goch Community Centre

  4. Set a date for gyms and fitness to resume within a reasonable time, along with non-essential shops

  5. Offer COVID vaccine to all teaching staff now that children are starting to return to school.

  6. Follow the English government with recent Covid roadmaps and work as a United Kingdom

  7. Send all children back to school before opening anything else - as you promised

  8. Set up more motocross tracks in south wales

  9. Legalize cannabis in Wales with a structured business framework.

  10. Hold PUBLIC ENQUIRY regarding planning at Penrhos Nature Reserve/Park on Anglesey

  11. Allow outdoor sports courts, golf courses and enclosed pitches to open for non-contact sports

  12. Re-open Gyms & Swimming Pools in Wales

  13. Increase support for non essential business closed due to Covid reflecting other Uk devolved Nations

  14. Request the return of the Bluestones taken from Welsh sites to embellish Stonehenge

  15. Prevent the sale of green land at Thistle Court in Ty Canol to a private developer

  16. Return of the stones of Stonehenge to its original location in the Preseli, Pembrokeshire

  17. Scrap the 10pm curfew when hospitality can open

  18. Support the teaching staff of wales and make them a priority to receive the vaccine

  19. Save Churchstoke Primary School

  20. To open all NationalTrust gardens in Wales

  21. Vaccinate all school staff in Wales before reopening schools.

  22. Amend Sport Wales discriminatory practices in the provision of coronavirus support grants

  23. Ensure fair funding to all Welsh business owners, equal to all other nations

  24. Allow Escooters on Roads

  25. Award year 10&12 pupils a mark equivalent to a centre assessed grade ranked to their ability.

  26. Open gyms/pools first as we come out of lockdown & fund a Work Out to Help Out scheme

  27. Vaccinate all teachers in Wales now, so that schools are ready to reopen when case numbers drop.

  28. End the lockdown and all covid restrictions in Wales.

  29. Sack the Senedd members for drinking alcohol after the alcohol ban announced in Wales

  30. Allow Year 12 students to have the option to let their AS grades contribute to their final A Levels.

  31. Allow the teacher-assessed grades of Year 12 students to contribute to their final A level results

  32. Do not delay the Senedd elections in May 2021.

  33. Ministers and members of the Senedd who break lockdown legislation should resign.

  34. Reverse Mark Drakeford’s policy of holding back administering life saving vaccines.

  35. Ask Mr Drakeford and the Health Minister to resign.

  36. Review Covid Vaccination Programme

  37. Overturn the policy of pacing Covid-19 vaccinations and roll it out with the utmost urgency

  38. Vaccinate the people in Wales as fast as possible: stop the ludicrous “go slow” policy.

  39. Accept help and turn over all logistics, planning and delivery of the vaccination to the military.

  40. To ensure that students are eligible for the funeral expenses payment

  41. Gwrthwynebwn doriadau i Lyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru Stop the cuts to the National Library of Wales

  42. Cancel externally set “assessments” in 2021 for GCSE’s in favour of using teacher assessed grades.

  43. Ensure Student Nurses get paid for clinical placements during Covid-19 Pandemic

  44. Prioritize front line retail shop assistants for the Covid 19 vaccine.

  45. Release the body cam footage for the arrest of Mohamud Hussan and the CCTV footage from the station

  46. Extend Land Transaction Tax a further 6 months past 31st March and increase the threshold to £350k

  47. Reduce tuition fees for University Students in Wales

  48. Allow offers accepted on a property to qualify for the LTT(stamp duty) holiday, before 31st March.

  49. Wale deliver Vaccine quickly

  50. Allow wales to fish off boats for exercise and depression

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