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These petitions did not meet the petition standards. They are published in the language in which they were submitted.

Petitions rejected before May 2020 can be found here.

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  1. Please urge Cardiff Bus to restore the late night bus service from the Wmc to City Centre

  2. Senedd members to take a pay cut to help fund the national museum in Cardiff.

  3. TV license fee.

  4. Stop the changes to Denbighshires refuse operations.

  5. Give school children free bus passes

  6. Defend Our Right to Call the English Bastards

  7. Stop the £1600 payment to immigrants with immediate effect

  8. Crown HRH Prince William at an investiture ceremony as The Prince of Wales.

  9. Hold a referendum on building the M4 Relief Road.

  10. Whitchurch, Rhiwbina, Llanishen villages - save the free parking to save our local villages

  11. Stop geoengineering in the skies over Wales

  12. Force councils to make their CEOs take a pay cut and give up bonuses instead of council tax rises

  13. Save & Restore the Colcot Sports Centre & Buttrills Fields in Barry

  14. Protect small schools from closure. Keep Rhydri Primary School open

  15. A Welsh assembly election.

  16. Shared Parental Leave and Pay due to Perinatal Mental Illness, NICU and Baby loss for all parents.

  17. Remove 50mph limits on M4 a470 and other arterial routes as listed below around Wales .

  18. Debate reduced speed limits on the M4 for pollution purposes, now the M1 and M6 have removed theirs.

  19. Introduce recall petitions for suspended Senedd members.

  20. Reform Divorce Court Law that Financially Reward Domestic Violence Perpetrators

  21. Have a Referendum on more senedd members cost 100k and to stop the closed list for senedd elections

  22. Create a national English language television channel for Wales

  23. Create a national English-language television channel for Wales

  24. Introduce a bank holiday to celebrate St David, the patron saint of Wales.

  25. Hold open debate reflecting public opinion on implementing assisted dying for life limiting illness

  26. Stop the Labour headed Welsh Government hairbrained ideas

  27. Abolish mandatory GCSE Welsh exams in schools.

  28. Cut the climate change budget and use it for the real issues that this country is facing

  29. Stop giving money to SUSTRANS & use it for more deserving charities

  30. Stop making financial cuts to children's Education and wellbeing.

  31. Make Welsh Baccalaureate an optional course in A Level

  32. Get Better Mental Health Services In Wales

  33. Remove the £30 yearly fee that social care workers must pay to register with Social Care Wales

  34. We ask the Senedd to support Wattsville Castle & make it an official Welsh Landmark

  35. Make Welsh available fully as a language option on devices, social media, streaming, etc.

  36. In the absence of a ceasefire, the Senedd declares continuing Gaza attacks a genocide.

  37. Make wearing of helmets on push bikes law and the use of cycle paths reducing pressure on the NHS

  38. Declare Israel a pariah terrorist state guilty of genocide & break all contact.

  39. Stop The Killing in Goma (Democratic Republic of The Congo)

  40. Conduct an all Wales enquiry into the Welsh Government handling of the covid epidemic.

  41. There is no cap set for private landlords and a 60% increase has be able to go ahead for tenants

  42. Change back the Hoci Cymru logo to the iconic 3 feathers

  43. Petition to reinstate lollipop patrol at Blackwood Primary School for the safety of our children

  44. Welsh Farmers needs to be heard by Welsh Gov by a qualified agriculture minister

  45. Welsh Government to ringfence funding for education provisions to prevent further budgeting cuts

  46. Introduce free transport for secondary school children

  47. To have an independent inquiry into the b5605 newbridge collapse

  48. Give the Welsh electorate a referendum on the Senedd reform bill.

  49. call for an assembly election

  50. Hold a referendum on the implementation of the Senedd Reform and Elections Bill.

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