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  1. Keep the Hospitality sector open over Christmas.

  2. Provide female sanitary products to all women in Wales free of charge

  3. Ban the sale of all but silent fireworks to the public.

  4. Allow university students to have the same opportunities for sitting exams. Scrap proctored exams.

  5. Devolve Media to Welsh Parliament

  6. Legislate such that only noiseless fireworks are available for sale at any time.

  7. Employers with more than 50 employees recognise and accept at least one trade union in the workplace

  8. Look at the releasing of fireworks to be regulated after 5th November

  9. Request the Welsh Assembly Gov. to back the UK Gov. to produce tidal power from the Severn Estuary.

  10. Scrap the 10pm shut-down for Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and Cafe-Bars.

  11. Free school meals for all pupils in Wales


  13. Fixed speed camera in Mount Pleasant, Merthyr Vale, Merthyr Tydfil

  14. Refer Tax and Revenue raising powers to a Referendum in Wales.

  15. Allow Social Distanced Music Performances in Wales

  16. Make the sale of loud fireworks illegal in Wales

  17. Cancel all examinations for 2020

  18. Hold Welsh referendum to return power back to UK Government

  19. Make our schools safer for all children they are taking the virus home to parents and family members

  20. Allow two households to meet in a private garden after the Nov firebreak.

  21. Ban the sale and use of fireworks which make loud explosive noises

  22. Do not put travel restrictions in place as part of the Welsh Government's COVID lockdown policy

  23. Give the people of the UK the choice to reinstate Capital Punishment in a national referendum.

  24. Hold a vote of no confidence in the Welsh Government

  25. Issue a resolution in support of a referendum on Welsh independence

  26. Collaborate with the British government so that welsh Covid-19 responses are in line with English.

  27. Allow children and adults to play outdoor sports including grass roots football and rugby.

  28. Open up sports clubs/gyms for children's classes

  29. Practise what you preach. First Minister should set an example, and work from home.

  30. For care assistants to be paid more than the minimum wage

  31. Stop the lockdown now

  32. Release information on the Welsh Government's partnership with Amazon.

  33. Petition to institute rule of democracy over Coronavirus restrictions.

  34. The Government to provide funding in Wales for cladding remedial works and EWS1 Certification.

  35. Vote of No confidence for Mark Drakeford

  36. We support Welsh Government policy on the sale of unessential goods

  37. End the firebreak lockdowns

  38. Support efforts to ensure that only essential products are available in supermarkets in lockdown

  39. Call an emergency election to appoint a new First Minister for Wales

  40. Demand the resignation of the First Minister

  41. Do not relax the ban on non essential items.

  42. Open salons back up & reconsider the lockdown. Follow science and not mathematics

  43. National Public vote on whether Mark Drakeford shoukd remains as First minister or not.

  44. Welsh Government to remain steadfast and not allow non essential items to be sold during firebreak.

  45. Provide financial assistance to agency zero hours casual workers paid as PAYE during pandemic.

  46. No future national lockdowns

  47. To vote against the Senedd

  48. Make sure small businesses paying council tax get the same financial help as business rates payers .

  49. Stop Lockdowns

  50. Don’t change the rules on supermarkets not selling non essential items.

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