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  1. Give the people a vote (referendum) before introducing a default 20 mph speed limit in towns

  2. Banned COVID Vaccine passport in Wales.

  3. Put split barriers on the end of beach hill, aberavan Port talbot.

  4. Place speed camera and limit speed to 50mph on A469 by Llanbradach. The road is very loud until late

  5. Ban racist language,politics,policies,parties, politicians that incite racism to get votes

  6. Remove the requirement to use NHS COVID tests on entry to Wales from overseas.

  7. Lift mask 'mandates" Especially for schoolchildren in Wales,

  8. Stop Cardiff University scaling down students grades . We want the grades we earned and deserve!!!

  9. Allow birth partners to stay for the duration of labour, and for longer after the birth of baby.

  10. Lift all Maternity birthing partner visiting/staying over restrictions.

  11. Request for employment law to be made a devolved matter

  12. Ban the use of fire and rehire in Wales

  13. Support PGCE students who have not been given the same opportunities as the previous cohort.

  14. Scrap the proposed plans for a 50mph limit on the Heads of the Valleys road (A465)

  15. Stop children isolating for two weeks from school.

  16. Stop Cardiff Council's landgrab of the Maindy Velodrome and ensure it stays a public open space.

  17. Accountability for professionals fabricating concerns regarding parents

  18. Stop the development of Y Bryn Windfarm

  19. Stop the development of Y Bryn Onshore Wind Farm creating 250m high wind turbines in Afan valley.

  20. Introduce a new law called Widget's law in honour of my dog Widget.

  21. I would like you to ask the Senedd to relax Covid restrictions on amateur singing in groups.

  22. Investigate new moves from Academies affecting Grass Roots Football.

  23. Make it compulsory for Welsh history and language to be taught in the Welsh education curriculum.

  24. Allow trans people over 16 to self-identify without a deed poll

  25. Provide remuneration or bonuses to radiographers during the COVID 19 pandemic

  26. Remove the police and crime commissioner for South Wales Police

  27. For the Welsh Government to diplomatically recognise the state of Palestine.

  28. Open gyms on March 15th to support the mental health and physical well being of people

  29. Stop the closing of the hospitality sector in Anglesey, Conwy and Gwynedd

  30. The Welsh Parliament to provide a Review/Panel to look at the broader issues of tidal power across the Severn Estuary.

  31. Use coursework to produce grades for AS and A levels for the year 2020-2021.

  32. Teach the Welsh metrical tradition in schools to creatively engage students with Welsh history.

  33. Implement a legal limit on the number of dogs allowed in an adjoined property

  34. Rename Cardiff International Airport after the late Howard Marks.

  35. Establish a presumption against the felling of mature trees in Wales

  36. Rename Transport for Wales, Rails for Wales when the railway network is re-nationalised

  37. COVID19 fines issued by Welsh police forces and other agencies to be delivered to our NHS as funding

  38. Reduce public transport prices for under 16 year old

  39. Allow single people to travel out of cities to surf during lockdowns for their mental health.

  40. Stop the potential ban on entry to Wales

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