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  1. save the old Carnegie library in wrexham

  2. Abolish The General Medical Council (GMC) in Wales and Allow Wales to Regulate it's own Doctors.

  3. Re-name The Prince of Wales Bridge to The Gareth Bale Bridge or Y Bont Bale.

  4. Follow Scotland and Spain, allow self-ID for trans people by statutory declaration.

  5. Make the oath of allegiance to the monarch optional for members of the Senedd.

  6. More zebra and pelican crossings on Beechley Drive and Gorse Place in Pentrebane.

  7. Build a new, safe, play area / park in Pentrebane for 7-11 year olds.

  8. Wales exports 22.7 TWh of electricity, and we want net producer energy rates

  9. Reform The Welsh Rugby Union in the interest of Wales.

  10. Call on the King Charles III of England & HMG to abolish the title Prince of Wales

  11. Remove the outdated title of Prince of Wales.

  12. Authorise the erection of a permanent sign for Llandegley International Airport.

  13. Changing Bute town street name in memory of Tony Paris

  14. Stop Welsh Government attending world cup in Qatar

  15. Improve welsh Train facilities.

  16. We would like schools in Wrexham investigated for not ensuring that there is enough food at lunch

  17. Change how schools educate us on periods.

  18. Hold an independent enquiry into the Welsh government’s handling of the Covid pandemic

  19. Make Mansion House the official residence of the First Minister

  20. Ban the Sale and Use of Plastic Lawns

  21. Welsh Gov to fund a footway/cycleway between Rogiet & Undy in Monmouthshire as a matter of urgency.

  22. Hold a referendum on the future of the “Prince of Wales”

  23. Freeze rents in Wales to help with the cost-of-living crisis

  24. Ensure pupils are given enough study time to maximise school performance

  25. Keep Single Person Allowance with regard to Welsh Council Tax

  26. Bring back the right to buy council / housing association houses.

  27. Remove Facial Recognitions Cameras in Cardiff

  28. Ban jet skis from Welsh waters

  29. We demand that the Welsh Senedd has full control of natural resources in Wales

  30. Remove the rights of senedd to refuse or deny petitions from the Welsh.

  31. Make Legal Aid available for complaints against Local Authorities are not upheld and when taken

  32. Bring your attention to the disgrace that is Cardiff Bus

  33. Stop the merger of the Wales sevens team into teamGB

  34. Ensure a quick rollout of Monkeypox vaccines in Wales

  35. Make the Mabinogion compulsory reading in primary/secondary schools.

  36. Include people with hidden disabilities living in Wales in Blue Badge permit eligibility.

  37. Cydnabod gwaith caled cymorthyddion mewn ysgolion drwy roi codiad cyflog iddyn nhw.

  38. Ban plastic plants in Wales

  39. Ban the giving of Goldfish as prizes at fairs and carnivals in Wales

  40. Reform the Welsh domestic football league system.

  41. Stop the proposed 20 mph speed limit change due to be implemented across Wales in 2023

  42. Make all schools in Wales Welsh medium schools

  43. Scrap the plans to introduce 20mph limits

  44. Stop the 20mph limit in Wales

  45. Stop 20 Mph speed limit enforcement idea in all of Wales.

  46. Clean up the rubbish in Cardiff Bay, particularly the rubbish in the water.

  47. Pay all staff the £1498 payment. Not just care staff.

  48. Increase the threshold for Small Business Rate Relief to come in line with England and Scotland.

  49. Ban the sale of single use vapes

  50. Ensure works on Maerdy Mountain are carried out after regular commuting hours

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