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  1. Install 20mph repeater signs every 500 meters not unmarked as the current situation

    163 signatures

  2. For nature's sake...ban plastic grass in Wales!

    149 signatures

  3. Ask the United Kingdom Government to grant further autonomy to Wales.

    144 signatures

  4. Reinstate free school meal payments (means tested) for all school holidays

    137 signatures

  5. Hold an unbiased survey of the residents who live in the 20mph speed limit pilot scheme areas

    133 signatures

  6. We petition the Welsh Parliament to remove all speed bumps and traffic calming from 20mph zones.

    124 signatures

  7. Rescind the 20mph limit on TRA4076 at Johnston Pembrokeshire

    123 signatures

  8. Stop tourist tax plan

    115 signatures

  9. Stop politicians being able to claim for travel expenses by personal vehicle

    102 signatures

  10. To ensure all parents of newly born children receive information about children’s rights directly

    93 signatures

  11. Stop the dredging of sand from the bays around the Gower and Swansea

    87 signatures

  12. Make this a condition of employment for MSs - they must use only public transport for all travel.

    82 signatures

  13. Allow wild camping in our National Parks and also adjacent to the public footpaths throughout Wales.

    82 signatures

  14. Increase the speed limit on the M4 back to 70mph

    81 signatures

  15. Teach CPR in all secondary schools in Wales

    81 signatures

  16. Launch a national campaign to tackle Wales' litter problem

    75 signatures

  17. Make all councils responsible to scan and keep deceased animals collected on the road.

    73 signatures

  18. Hold a public poll on whether to build the M4 Relief Road, then implement the result immediately.

    67 signatures

  19. Abolish the 10% residential mobile home sale fee paid to site owners

    64 signatures

  20. Ensure that all dogs in Wales are properly licenced

    61 signatures

  21. The Welsh Government to relook at the restrictions on meal deal offers

    56 signatures

  22. Ban the use of vape products in enclosed spaces and indoor public spaces

    55 signatures

  23. Require all publicly procured food in Wales to be vegetarian or vegan

    52 signatures

  24. Conduct a forensic audit into the dispersal of funds provided for the M4 relief road.

    48 signatures

  25. Financial penalties for Local Education Authorities who do no comply with timeframes for ALN.

    46 signatures

  26. As 20mph restrictions are introduced, the Welsh Government needs to vastly improve public transport

    43 signatures

  27. Revoke Wales' National Transport Delivery Plan 2022 to 2027

    38 signatures

  28. All place, street, directional and other informative road signs remain bilingual

    37 signatures

  29. Create an Animal NHS

    37 signatures

  30. Training/guidance for psychologists to identify and support victims of abusive alienation behaviours

    35 signatures

  31. Get Wales on Eurovision

    34 signatures

  32. Stop building cycle paths and restore the roads

    30 signatures

  33. Make the school week shorter to improve pupils’ mental health

    27 signatures

  34. Limit Members of the Senedd and Councillors to two terms in office only.

    25 signatures

  35. Reduce the council tax across Wales.

    24 signatures

  36. Allow food on prescription for children & adults with severe and multiple food allergies

    24 signatures

  37. Every new school should be a Welsh-medium school.

    23 signatures

  38. Make school uniform grants compulsory for children in secondary school with additional needs

    18 signatures

  39. Start a TrawsCymru bus service between Newtown and Aberystwyth

    18 signatures

  40. To make it mandatory for primary schools in Wales to have fruit trees on site.

    18 signatures

  41. Make the highway code mandatory study and testing in education facilities.

    15 signatures

  42. Make all Welsh government/government funded agencies use Freepost instead of PO box

    15 signatures

  43. Make a law banning parking on Pavements!

    13 signatures

  44. Ensure there is an abstain box at every Welsh election.

    13 signatures

  45. The Welsh Government to undertake a 3-year review of the effects of the 20 mph speed limits.

    10 signatures

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