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  1. Make Wales' role in British colonial history a compulsory school subject.

    44 signatures

  2. Supply dedicated and free onsite parking to all hospital staff in Wales during their shift

    34 signatures

  3. To teach how the body reacts to fight/flight/freeze in schools.

    32 signatures

  4. Ban the sale of devices to aid the abuse of n2o canisters & make possession of n2o canisters illegal

    27 signatures

  5. Examine the feasibility of a Welsh NHS design and Manufacturing facility for Medical Equipment

    24 signatures

  6. Get Wales to wear face masks in public places for at least a month after opening.

    24 signatures

  7. Help to Protect Music venues, and theatres.

    21 signatures

  8. We need to grow our economy. Put together a bid to convince Tesla to open a gigafactory in Wales

    19 signatures

  9. Wearing face masks / coverings compulsory in all hospitals in Wales

    18 signatures

  10. Remove compulsory Welsh Bac for students looking to go to University

    15 signatures

  11. Allow couples from different households to have physical contact, outside of extended households.

    14 signatures

  12. Make opening of National Trust & Cadw properties one of the priorities when easing Welsh lockdown

    11 signatures

  13. Stop the senedd from banning smoking outdoors.

    10 signatures

  14. Create legislation to prevent privatisation of NHS and Public Health Services

    9 signatures

  15. Inhibit the diversion of Heavy Goods Vehicles through residential areas

    7 signatures

  16. Inquiry into the play policy that allows potentially life threatening play to children

    6 signatures

  17. Issue guidance and voucher scheme to save baby & toddler activity sector in Wales

    4 signatures

  18. Cancel the 2020 As levels

    3 signatures

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