The Senedd Election will be held on 6 May 2021.

The petitions process is currently suspended during the election campaign. Petitions will reopen following the election.

The Petitions Committee has met for the final time and petitions will be considered by a new committee once it has been established.

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  1. Cancel GCSE & A-level internal assessments due to lost learning

    44 signatures

  2. Postpone personalised assessments in Numeracy and Reading

    40 signatures

  3. Create a national list of all unpaid carers in Wales

    39 signatures

  4. Establish a presumption against the felling of mature trees in Wales

    39 signatures

  5. Allow mobile hairdressers back to work now!

    33 signatures

  6. Stop the potential ban on entry to Wales

    33 signatures

  7. Include self defence in PE classes in schools

    32 signatures

  8. Allow single people to travel out of cities to surf during lockdowns for their mental health.

    29 signatures

  9. Stop the closing of the hospitality sector in Anglesey, Conwy and Gwynedd

    27 signatures

  10. Provide a clear roadmap for lifting lockdown restrictions in Wales, and the thresholds required

    26 signatures

  11. Do not roll out Covid 19 vaccine passports for retail, hospitality or other premises

    25 signatures

  12. Hairdressers and barbers should be entitled to the Restrictions Business Fund COVID grant announced 15th March 2021

    20 signatures

  13. Rename Transport for Wales, Rails for Wales when the railway network is re-nationalised

    20 signatures

  14. Implement a legal limit on the number of dogs allowed in an adjoined property

    19 signatures

  15. Stop the Welsh Government introducing a blanket 20mph speed limit

    16 signatures

  16. Allow parents the choice to take their children out of school during covid-19

    16 signatures

  17. Resume rail services from all closed railway stations

    14 signatures

  18. Allow our children to have their summer holidays. Focus on their wellbeing not academic attainment.

    14 signatures

  19. Conduct an independent inquiry into the death of Glyn Summers and the actions of Coleg y Cymoedd

    14 signatures

  20. Reduce public transport prices for under 16 year old

    12 signatures

  21. Provide a level of free childcare for working parents of children 12 months of age and over

    11 signatures

  22. Allow parents of disabled children under 5 yrs to form a support bubble in new Level 4 restrictions.

    10 signatures

  23. The Welsh Parliament to provide a Review/Panel to look at the broader issues of tidal power across the Severn Estuary.

    10 signatures

  24. Use coursework to produce grades for AS and A levels for the year 2020-2021.

    10 signatures

  25. COVID19 fines issued by Welsh police forces and other agencies to be delivered to our NHS as funding

    9 signatures

  26. Freeze residential Council Tax in Wales for the next 5 years

    7 signatures

  27. Allow students Years 11 to 13 to go back to school

    7 signatures

  28. Rename Cardiff International Airport after the late Howard Marks.

    7 signatures

  29. Patients who experience mental health issues should be offered face to face options as first option

    6 signatures

  30. Make first time buyers exempt from Land Transaction Tax rather than following the standard LTT rates

    6 signatures

  31. Teach the Welsh metrical tradition in schools to creatively engage students with Welsh history.

    6 signatures

  32. Change the Welsh teaching entry requirements

    4 signatures

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