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  1. Ban sales of human remains without proof of consent and repatriate the remains of those who did not

    14 signatures

  2. Make Welsh Government Review its Council Tax Bands and Values.

    13 signatures

  3. Ban the sale of single use vapes

    12 signatures

  4. Create a National Public Transport Card / App

    11 signatures

  5. Stop closing primary schools if you want the Welsh language to survive

    10 signatures

  6. Abolish Board Examinations in education

    9 signatures

  7. Ensure Wales' World Cup matches held in school hours are shown in schools.

    8 signatures

  8. Let Lena, Anna, Vika, Alexi & Ryta keep their pets!

    8 signatures

  9. Convert the empty Llanishen Tax Office in Cardiff building to temporarily house Ukrainian refugees

    8 signatures

  10. Make all schools in Wales Welsh medium schools

    4 signatures

  11. Introduce a housing subsidy to allow locals to have the #RightToLiveAtHome

    3 signatures

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