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  1. To have the manufacture and production of sufficient PPE for Wales located in Wales Post Covid-19.

    123 signatures

  2. Support Welsh travel & tourism businesses

    120 signatures

  3. Introduce road safety measures on the A44 in Llanbadarn Fawr, Ceredigion

    120 signatures

  4. Teach Welsh children about Wales’ colonisation of Patagonia

    102 signatures

  5. Create and build a new branch of National Museum Wales dedicated to Welsh involvement in colonialism

    102 signatures

  6. Require local lockdowns to be subject to a vote of the Senedd for approval before being implemented

    101 signatures

  7. Allow support bubbles during lock down.

    100 signatures

  8. Issue guidance and voucher scheme to save baby & toddler activity sector in Wales

    89 signatures

  9. Allow coaches to enter lockdown areas to continue to train children in their respective sports clubs

    88 signatures

  10. Extend the postgraduate STEMM bursary to all MSc students in Wales.

    83 signatures

  11. Change the school summer holiday break!

    82 signatures

  12. Prevent a second national lockdown in Wales.

    68 signatures

  13. Make bullying and harassment in schools a criminal offence from the age of criminal responsibility

    68 signatures

  14. Reinstate free swimming for pensioners

    57 signatures

  15. Protect leaseholders in Wales from paying for cladding remedial works

    56 signatures

  16. Routine collection and publication of data of how many babies/children return to their care experienced parents care at the end of a Parent and Child Placement

    56 signatures

  17. Remove compulsory Welsh Bac for students looking to go to University

    51 signatures

  18. Abandon the rt-PCR test for covid-19 testing as its unfit for purpose.

    49 signatures

  19. Make Wales' role in British colonial history a compulsory school subject.

    46 signatures

  20. Supply dedicated and free onsite parking to all hospital staff in Wales during their shift

    44 signatures

  21. Provide tax free grants to people working in the arts and to provide grant funding to arts venues.

    43 signatures

  22. Grants for limited companies left out of any support due to COVID-19

    43 signatures

  23. Immediate cessation of dredging operations off the Gower coast pending evaluation of adverse effects

    40 signatures

  24. Allow music venues to run events with Covid restrictions in place

    35 signatures

  25. To teach how the body reacts to fight/flight/freeze in schools.

    33 signatures

  26. Extend Land Transaction Tax a further 6 months past 31st March and increase the threshold to £300k

    32 signatures

  27. Examine the feasibility of a Welsh NHS design and Manufacturing facility for Medical Equipment

    31 signatures

  28. Ban the sale of devices to aid the abuse of n2o canisters & make possession of n2o canisters illegal

    29 signatures

  29. Offer home study options for students with Asthma.

    28 signatures

  30. Close the schools! Keep our children safe. Due to the rise in covid. Save our future

    24 signatures

  31. We need to grow our economy. Put together a bid to convince Tesla to open a gigafactory in Wales

    23 signatures

  32. Provide eye tests and glasses for free on the NHS every 2 years

    21 signatures

  33. Allow single people to travel out of cities to surf during lockdowns for their mental health.

    20 signatures

  34. Create legislation to prevent privatisation of NHS and Public Health Services

    19 signatures

  35. Stop the senedd from banning smoking outdoors.

    14 signatures

  36. Allow couples from different households to have physical contact, outside of extended households.

    14 signatures

  37. Make opening of National Trust & Cadw properties one of the priorities when easing Welsh lockdown

    14 signatures

  38. Stop the potential ban on entry to Wales

    12 signatures

  39. Provide emergency COVID-19 funding to support aquatic facilities and swimming pools in Wales

    9 signatures

  40. Give financial support to Pet Boarding businesses.

    8 signatures

  41. Consider re-doing this current academic year for students across wales.

    8 signatures

  42. Let Welsh citizens vote on lockdown restrictions.

    8 signatures

  43. Stop local authorities from wasting money on speed humps

    8 signatures

  44. Re-opening schools for year 11 pupils rather than year 8, from 2nd November onwards.

    6 signatures

  45. Reduce the fee limit for all Welsh universities due to COVID-19 requirement of distanced learning

    6 signatures

  46. Reduce public transport prices for under 16 year old

    5 signatures

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