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  1. Protect our wildlife...ban plastic grass in Wales!

    60 signatures

  2. To urge Welsh Government to reconsider the use of BMI in the Healthy Child Wales Programme

    56 signatures

  3. Dexa scans for all women over 60 years old and women at high risk of Osteoporosis.

    50 signatures

  4. To make all theatres in Wales fully accessible to wheelchairs in the front middle and back

    45 signatures

  5. Prohibit politicians from accepting donations.

    41 signatures

  6. Comprehensively review NRW and its failure to deliver its statutory obligations to protect Wales

    37 signatures

  7. Reduce our climate change budget and use the funds to provide more budget for the vulnerable

    30 signatures

  8. Reduce the spoken element of the Welsh GCSE qualification for pupils with selective mutism

    29 signatures

  9. Establish a ‘Care Society’ to Tackle the Long COVID Crisis in Wales

    28 signatures

  10. Introduce a network of Toy Libraries around Wales

    23 signatures

  11. Take urgent action to improve immediate response times for Welsh Ambulance Service.

    22 signatures

  12. Change transport policy so that children with disabilities can access breakfast and after school clubs

    20 signatures

  13. Dental implants should me made free on the NHS for people who can not afford them

    18 signatures

  14. Enact a stronger Welsh Language Act to protect the future of our native language

    17 signatures

  15. Provide free school transport for all pupils

    16 signatures

  16. Enable Welsh residents to access an NHS "Right to Choose" diagnosis pathway for ADHD

    14 signatures

  17. Introduction of Class E Use Class for Business Premises in Wales

    14 signatures

  18. Create energy from our abundance of water.

    12 signatures

  19. Please stop private landlords charging over the top rent increases!

    12 signatures

  20. Make enhanced DBS checks compulsory for all Town Councils and Councillors throughout Wales

    10 signatures

  21. Investigate whether the organ donation policy can be amended to limit family intervention

    8 signatures

  22. Help fund & coordinate the setting up of a memorial in Wales dedicated to "All victims of genocides"

    8 signatures

  23. Introduce health hygiene requirements for Hair and Barber shops.

    8 signatures

  24. Specialist eating disorder unit for young people in Wales

    7 signatures

  25. Extend Pupil Referral Units to include sixth form provision

    7 signatures

  26. Expedite fibre broadband rollout and improve 4G coverage across Wales to promote digital healthcare

    7 signatures

  27. Reverse Traws Cymru's decision to stop serving Ruabon station and Maelor Hospital on the T3 service.

    7 signatures

  28. Ban the Teaching of Sport in Primary and Secondary Schools in Wales

    7 signatures

  29. Ban school uniforms in every school

    6 signatures

  30. Stop running Welsh Government adverts in Welsh on ITV Wales

    5 signatures

  31. Reduce the speed limit of 50mph to 40mph, along the A483 traveling through Crossway & Howey.

    5 signatures

  32. Neurodivergence Education and Support in Maternity and Perinatal Mental Health Services

    4 signatures

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