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  1. Replace 2022 WJEC grades with teacher assessments/predicted grades, if higher, to ensure fairness.


  2. To help improve water quality in the River Usk by upgrading sewage systems in the Usk valley.

    1,121 signatures

  3. Introduce a regular direct bus service to the National Botanic Garden of Wales from Abergavenny etc.

    45 signatures

  4. Protect Mynydd Eglwysilan and Cefn Eglwysilan

    613 signatures

  5. Introduce the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system for the 2026 Senedd elections.

    41 signatures

  6. Ensure Wales' World Cup matches held in school hours are shown in schools.

    9 signatures

  7. Reject the proposed use of Closed Party Lists in future Senedd elections

    19 signatures

  8. The Welsh Government should hold a referendum before expanding the size of the Senedd.

    1,595 signatures

  9. Commit to the adoption of the maintenance of new housing estates by local authorities

    266 signatures

  10. Stop catchment intake for high school and allow intake from a feeder school.


  11. Abolish Board Examinations in education

    9 signatures

  12. Let Lena, Anna, Vika, Alexi & Ryta keep their pets!

    10 signatures

  13. Investigate C&V UHB’s refusal to keep north Penarth’s surgery, allocating patients to distant GPs.

    266 signatures

    Referred to the Petitions Committee

  14. More protection for ancient & veteran trees in Wales. Old Trees can be relocated. Stop The Chop

    464 signatures

  15. Deliver Magor and Undy Walkway Station, part of the Burns Delivery Programme, as a quick win.

    297 signatures

    Referred to the Petitions Committee

  16. Prevent Welsh Assembly from wasting £25 million by increasing the assembly members from 60 to 96.


  17. Reject proposed 36 extra Members of the Senedd by 2026.

    739 signatures

  18. Don't leave metastatic breast cancer patients in Wales behind

    14,106 signatures

    Referred to the Petitions Committee

  19. Ensure archaeologists survey all large works that disturb the earth

    56 signatures

  20. Bring back 'right to buy' and 'rent to buy' schemes.

    23 signatures

  21. Create a National Public Transport Card / App

    13 signatures

  22. Sicrhau fod pob gem bêl droed Cymru yn aros ar S4C a sianeli sydd am ddim i wylio


  23. Ban sales of human remains without proof of consent and repatriate the remains of those who did not

    14 signatures

  24. Create a ‘National Sleep Strategy’ to end child bed poverty In Wales

    117 signatures

  25. Agree 105 day occupancy, not 182 days, to distinguish holiday let businesses from second homes

    3,332 signatures

    Referred to the Petitions Committee

  26. Make it a rule to show Wales vs England world cup match in schools


  27. make rail replacement buses accept tickets to stop them filling up with unruly teenagers...


  28. Reduce motorcycle and vehicle noise and excessive speeding on Welsh Country Roads.


  29. To review the emergency temporary housing policy which impacts our communities.

    306 signatures

  30. All health and social care workers to be entitled to the £1000 bonus in Wales


  31. A48 - Make It Safe! Provide funds to BCBC to make the A48 safe between Island Farm & Broadlands


  32. Protect Mid-Wales’ unique Cambrian Mountains: designate them an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

    3,473 signatures

  33. Make Welsh Government Review its Council Tax Bands and Values.

    13 signatures

  34. Calorie information displayed on food menus should never be a legal requirement in Wales.

    80 signatures

  35. Reconsider the exclusion to care home staff receiving the additional payment for social care workers

    540 signatures

  36. Introduce a housing subsidy to allow locals to have the #RightToLiveAtHome

    4 signatures

  37. Diddymu yr angen i gael caloriau ar fwydlenni. Scrap the need for calories on a menu.


  38. Change visiting rules for family members in hospitals

    18 signatures

  39. Welsh Government 'Freeze on road building" to include a clause for cases that pose a danger to life

    454 signatures

  40. Review the decision allowing local authorities to increase council tax premiums on second homes to 300%

    664 signatures

  41. Scrap the COVID-19 Vaccination Program for 5-11 Year Olds.


  42. Friday weekend for Wales.


  43. Let people with terminal illness die with dignity in Wales with assistance.


  44. Rhondda Fach relief road.


  45. Start a Welsh National cricket team. Cruced Cymru, perhaps.


  46. Stop "Controlled Burning" in Wales

    603 signatures

  47. Change the way local authorities in Wales are governed using the Leader/Cabinet/Scrutiny system.

    147 signatures

    Closed for new signatures

  48. Urgently instate ADHD assessment and support services across Wales.


  49. Introduce statutory targets, and a duty to report on progress, to increase woodland cover in Wales


  50. Make the dorglwyd, Comins Coch junction on the A487 safer

    496 signatures

    Referred to the Petitions Committee

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