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  1. Create energy from our abundance of water.

    12 signatures

  2. Crown HRH Prince William at an investiture ceremony as The Prince of Wales.


  3. Extend Pupil Referral Units to include sixth form provision

    7 signatures

  4. Hold a referendum on building the M4 Relief Road.


  5. Expedite fibre broadband rollout and improve 4G coverage across Wales to promote digital healthcare

    7 signatures

  6. Outlaw Ambulances from being used as extra beds for Hospitals.

    329 signatures

  7. Reduce the speed limit of 50mph to 40mph, along the A483 traveling through Crossway & Howey.

    5 signatures

  8. Calling Welsh Government to provide urgent mental health support for New Dads

    152 signatures

  9. Whitchurch, Rhiwbina, Llanishen villages - save the free parking to save our local villages


  10. Stop geoengineering in the skies over Wales


  11. Introduce routine testing for Strep B in all pregnant women across Wales.

    108 signatures

  12. Instruct NHS Wales to add Adenomyosis to its 111 A-Z webpages

    318 signatures

  13. Force councils to make their CEOs take a pay cut and give up bonuses instead of council tax rises


  14. Save & Restore the Colcot Sports Centre & Buttrills Fields in Barry


  15. Scrap the Racist and ridiculous Anti-Racist Wales Plan

    400 signatures

  16. An automatic general election if the party in government changes their leader and therefore First Minister mid-term.

    62 signatures

  17. Stop pollution at Watchtower Bay and Ogmore by Sea

    517 signatures

  18. Provide free school transport for all pupils

    16 signatures

  19. Set stricter rules to limit gifts, donations and payments received by Members of Senedd.

    292 signatures

  20. Any Government policy or project that costs more than £10 Million must be voted in by the electorate

    488 signatures

  21. Protect small schools from closure. Keep Rhydri Primary School open


  22. Call for an early Senedd election.

    2,754 signatures

  23. Protect funding for alternative provision/EOTAS of children unable to access school.

    166 signatures

  24. Make enhanced DBS checks compulsory for all Town Councils and Councillors throughout Wales

    10 signatures

  25. A Welsh assembly election.


  26. Reduce the spoken element of the Welsh GCSE qualification for pupils with selective mutism

    29 signatures

  27. I demand a full public enquiry into the closure of Welsh Air Ambulance bases in mid and North Wales

    8,730 signatures

  28. Shared Parental Leave and Pay due to Perinatal Mental Illness, NICU and Baby loss for all parents.


  29. Remove 50mph limits on M4 a470 and other arterial routes as listed below around Wales .


  30. Enable Welsh residents to access an NHS "Right to Choose" diagnosis pathway for ADHD

    14 signatures

  31. Empower Doctors to prescribe (ADHD) medication for children on lengthy waiting lists

    74 signatures

  32. Debate reduced speed limits on the M4 for pollution purposes, now the M1 and M6 have removed theirs.


  33. Make Pet Abduction a Specific Criminal Offence in Wales

    564 signatures

  34. Introduce recall petitions for suspended Senedd members.


  35. Reform Divorce Court Law that Financially Reward Domestic Violence Perpetrators


  36. Have a Referendum on more senedd members cost 100k and to stop the closed list for senedd elections


  37. Create a national English language television channel for Wales


  38. Create a national English-language television channel for Wales


  39. Introduce a bank holiday to celebrate St David, the patron saint of Wales.


  40. Hold open debate reflecting public opinion on implementing assisted dying for life limiting illness


  41. Stop the Labour headed Welsh Government hairbrained ideas


  42. Abolish mandatory GCSE Welsh exams in schools.


  43. Cut the climate change budget and use it for the real issues that this country is facing


  44. Stop giving money to SUSTRANS & use it for more deserving charities


  45. Introduce a statutory requirement for local authorities to transport children to Welsh Medium schools

    124 signatures

  46. Stop making financial cuts to children's Education and wellbeing.


  47. Make Welsh Baccalaureate an optional course in A Level


  48. Dexa scans for all women over 60 years old and women at high risk of Osteoporosis.

    50 signatures

  49. Get Better Mental Health Services In Wales


  50. Remove the £30 yearly fee that social care workers must pay to register with Social Care Wales


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